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Bad Guitar Tracks, Empathy & Getting Exclusive Music Treats 

Hey RoshamFAM!

What a week it's been! Are you ok??? Take a deep breath, right now. No ones watching. In... Hold... Out.

We've been working on a few new songs this week. J's got a new ones just about mixed and finished. Kyle finished some guitar tracks last week and then realized there was a bad cable and all the tracks had a hiss in them. However, they've since been redone and honestly are just better takes anyway so maybe that bad cable was a good thing. It's funny how the universe works that way.

If you've been following us here or on social media hopefully you've seen that we're releasing a single called "Criminal," a song about our frustrations with authority, along with a music video for it. Our subscribers on Patreon had it last month but we're ready to show everyone on 1/20/21!

Someone asked us the other day if they have to sign up for Patreon to see our monthly live studio performances and get early access to singles and music videos or if they can try it out first before they subscribe. We know some people don't want another app on their phone. That's why we made it so you can get everything we put on Patreon sent to your email instead. Sign up below for $5, $20 or $50 one time to try it out or make it monthly to get content sent to your email every month.


What's Up With Kyle...

I had a lesson in empathy last week. As I was driving home from some errands, off in the distance I noticed a tractor driving down the road with a string of cars behind it. This particular stretch was very curvy with a had a double yellow line, so there was no hope for the disgruntled drivers of passing the steel turtle for at least a few miles. I've been in that situation a few times and it only seems to happen when I'm running late.

When I'm in this situation I'm never able to see the driver's face but being outside the situation this time I was able to make out the driver's expression as I got closer and closer. To my somewhat I guess, borderline sadistic delight I noticed him smiling. As I passed him I gave him a smile and a wave and couldn't help but laugh out loud. As I pulled in to my driveway I couldn't help but ask myself, "Am I an awful person?" My empathy for those disgruntled people (a situation I'd found myself in a few times) went completely out the window.

I think part of it is human nature. It's easy to put empathy aside when you're removed from the situation. Granted, I didn't lose a wink of sleep that night but I hope you get my meaning. We're living in a time where we're increasingly removed from each other. We like to say it's from the pandemic but we've been doing it before last year too. It makes it easier to ignore and even laugh at human suffering, even suffering we've experienced. Instead of beating ourselves up over it I think we need to practice empathy like an instrument. Practice creates habit. If you wish suffering on people just because you've suffered it means you haven't healed from it. I'd like to wake up to a morning where I can desire the well being of others not their suffering. It takes conditioning. It's not my default setting.

In a time where we're divided on what seems like what should be universal like "Life Mattering" or what "Constitutes Domestic Terrorism," I hope we can actually look each other in the eye and hope for each other's well being even when we disagree. I think that's what empathy is in practice. I don't think it's enough to just understand pain. I think it's the desire to lessen it.



What's Up With J...

This week I've been finishing up some mixes and working to wrap my head around this next record to it's completion. I truly believe this will be the best record we've ever done. Working through each song mixing and preparing them for the mastering process, I've gotten a lot closer to fully understanding a bridged concept between all the songs. It's like taking a walk through all we've been through the past 2 years. We've really tried to up the vulnerability this time around and put it all on the table.

We will be sharing more of it with you soon as we prepare for the release of the latest song from this collection "Criminal" on Jan 20th. It seems this is the absolute right time for us to release this track and video. When we originally planned to release it, we had no idea the amount of political/social divides that would be taking place at this time. But never the less, we feel it expresses some of our deepest concerns that we feel is agreeable to what ever side of the fence you're on. Kyle told me the other day that he feels a sense of the need to "do something" and in my eyes I feel this song has potential to be just that: An expression of facts and concern that plague us socially, through politically corrupt systems that encourage us to think, not stand idle, and make better choices for the future. I hope you all are looking forward to its release. For everyone that reads this...I love you.



Special Thanks!

We're able to continue making music with the help of our supporters on Patreon. This is how we play live during a pandemic. We do a live studio performance every month based off requests from our subscribers. It's been a really weird time to be a musician but we're glad we found this outlet. Every month we do a studio live performance based on requests from our patrons that donate $5 or more. We've done a wide range of songs varying from Tennessee Williams to Rage Against The Machine. It's been great getting to reinvent some of our favorite songs. By joining Patreon you're helping us keep the lights on but also helping us grow and get new ideas for when we're able to get back to touring.

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Roshambeaux "Criminal" Coming 1/20/21! 

Hey RoshamFAM!

Happy New Year! We're excited for this year's potential! 2020 was a rough year for artists but we're hopeful that this year will bring us closer to something that feels a little more normal. If you've been following us on Instagram you may have noticed a series of ominous posts imbedded with very short audio clips. The clips are from a new song we've written called "Criminal." We think election season is the perfect time to release it. If you're not following us on Instagram (or haven't checked in with us on there in awhile), click the image below.

Each post is a small clip of the new single, "Criminal," in reverse order. So, you'll be able to listen to a larger portion of the song in succession up until release. The song comes out on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021 and will be available for purchase at and the music video will be available on YouTube as well. As always, all Patreon subscribers get the single free, sent directly to their email and have early access to the music video.

What's Up With J...

This week I finished the final cut of our new music video for our new single "Criminal" and finalized the master. I'm really happy how it all turned out! After questioning myself repeatedly Kyle was able to put me in my place. I did learn this week that sometimes nit-picking can just be another form of procrastination. So once I had everything locked in frame and had the adjustments made to the audio that I had issues with I bounced it and uploaded it. All of you on our Patreon now have access to view the final cut and download the MP3! It will be out officially Jan 20th. Besides work I am happy to say that I should have my sleep study in hand soon and can't wait to get this issue resolved. Due to Covid, as you all know, medical care has been delayed and is taking a lot longer than usual. I first sought help for this back in September and it's finally happening! I am grateful to be on this path of healing both physically and emotionally to better move forward with all that we have planned for this coming year. In the midst of the consistent panic attacks. Back in November, I decided to write and try and express what it was I was feeling sonically and under the working title "Panic" I'm glad to say that Kyle is finishing up on his parts as we speak (he's done an amazing job) and this brings us one more step closer to finishing our new album that will release this year. After this one, we have one or two more to get all our parts down. The mixing, mastering and conceptualization will begin. I'm ahead on mixing but plan to go back and tweak some previously released tracks to better fit the mold and apply some new techniques I've learned this past year. I'm really looking forward to bringing this whole concept together as a total and hope you are looking forward to it as well. To anyone that reads this...I love you very much.



What's Up With Kyle...

I had a nice quiet NYE at home with my family. It was a pretty stark contrast to some of the wilder NYE's of the past but I don't know if I would have traded a quiet glass of champagne and ABC's Time Square live feed on Hulu for any of them. With all the insanity of last year, I'm really grateful for my loved ones helping the world seem sane.

This week I've been working on lyrics for a new song for the next album. It's always a weird place to be as a writer. No two songs come about the exact same way but this one the music was done first which is a little off the beaten path for how I usually contribute to how our songs turn out (although it's not the first time: Tease, Rattlesnake, Got It). Sometimes, this situation can be a little intimidating. When the music is already finished, the lyric process can often feel forced or "trite" as we say, talking back and forth on video calls via Messenger. It's important to focus on "I get to write lyrics for a finished song," rather than "I have to finish these lyrics and not have them sound forced." J reminded me this week that lyrics are about describing a canvas or a setting where the song lives. It's not only about making words sound good together but imagining a different world and describing what you see, hear, feel, smell or taste.

The lyrics for this one (with the working title, "Panic," which I think we're gonna keep) are finished up and I'm on to tracking my parts for the song. The funny things about the writing process is that inspiration hardly ever comes when you make a conscious decision to sit down and work on something. Inspiration often interrupts you and makes you run around frantically looking for a notebook, guitar or your phone's voice recorder. So, in short, while I was working on this last song, another one came out of nowhere. I love it when that happens.



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Happy New Year! 

Hey Roshamfam!

This is the time of year where we're looking for those sweet end of year sales so we figured we'd do one of our own. Right now until January 1st you can get 30% off on all of our music posters & stickers on our music store at 

Apply code: RXNYESALE at checkout and get 30% off your entire purchase


New Performance Video Out Now!

This week we're releasing our latest performance video on Patreon. We had a lot of fun producing this performance and we're excited to get to show it to you! Right now, this performance (as well as all of the others from this year) is only available to our Patreon subscribers so if you're not subscribed yet you can join the rest of the fam at

There's a ton of performances to unlock instantly, as well as bonus behind the scenes content, sneak peaks on projects (yes, you get to hear some stuff off the new album we're working on) and dibs on new merch. It really helps us out a lot, especially since we're still not able to launch a tour. So, for less than the price of the door cover you can help us keep making music for you. It means a lot!


What's Up With J...


This year I got a tarot deck for Yule. It's an Edgar Allan Poe inspired set. He is one of my favorite writers of all time. I have been doing daily reads with them. It has been a great tool for self reflection as I begin my day. This has also inspired me to go back and reconnect with his stories and tales. He has always been an inspiration of mine. I am excited to rekindle this forgotten love. Besides that, I've continued to work on the upcoming record. Now that most things are wrapped for the year, I've started brainstorming and planning next year's projects. Also, this week I finally finished up editing and putting together this months cover video of the song, "Raining In Baltimore" by Counting Crows. It's available now on our Patreon page. I was skeptical at first if we were gonna be able to bring new life to this one at first. But once I really sat down with it and Kyle showed me a prelim of just him and an acoustic guitar it really connected with me. I've been spending a lot of time lately working through some feelings and emotions about this year and working on this song really helped sort some things out. Some of the lines and sentiments really hit home. I truly hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and have a fun and safe New Years Eve. We can't wait to see what this next year has in store.



What's Up With Kyle...

I'm really excited with how this month's Patreon performance turned out! The song that we ended up doing I hadn't heard before but when I listened to it it really hit me hard. I'm so glad music can do that. A lot of times I brush stuff off and purposefully try to stay out of touch with what I'm feeling. As a musician, life is cycle of peaks and valleys that can cause emotional motion sickness. A lot of times my default response is to close my eyes. I've learned that just like going through curvy mountain road and feeling nauseous, closing your eyes makes it worse. I think it's ok to open your eyes and enjoy the ups and downs, like when we were kids on roller coasters.

With the new album getting closer to completion, this week I'm focusing on some writing. I love weeks like this. There's a lot of being a musician that isn't creating new music. When the time comes it's refreshing. I think that's what this year has taught me the most. Slow down and create. All that other stuff that causes headaches can come later.



Special Thanks!

We say this every week but it never gets old (at least to us, lol). If you're supporting us on Patreon you are absolutely amazing! We try not to be hyperbolic but we actually are "filled with surprise and wonder" and are "startlingly impressed" that you continue to support us each month! We're trying to constantly give a little more in our efforts every month. So if you've been sitting on the fence let us know what we can do to make your subscription more valuable to you in the comments below.

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Happy New Year!

We hope ya'll have a safe and happy New Year! We heard something that made us laugh. "If you thought this year was bad, wait until it turns 21 and starts drinking!" We don't have a pessimistic view about next year. We hope you don't either. We all have that friend that makes NYE resolutions saying, "This next year will be my year," and does absolutely nothing about it. Don't worry about next year. Just worry about today. Make today your day and the year will worry about itself.

Kyle & J



Merry Christmas! 

Hey RoshamFAM!

We hope y'all have a very merry and safe Christmas this week! This year has been a wild and sometimes scary ride but we're were glad to share it with you! We'll be taking a short break from media over the next week and spending time with our families. We hope y'all are able to do the same. If you're still looking for gift ideas, we have some cool new Holiday apparel at and a new Christmas single at


This Week!

This week we're practicing up and shooting the next Patreon exclusive performance video. We're excited about this one! It will definitely be different for us but we think the vibe suits how we've been feeling. If you've been thinking about joining Patreon but just haven't yet (or just haven't quite figured out how to join) you can sign up below. There are tons of videos and exclusive content available immediately when you sign up and more and more comes out every month.

What's Up With Kyle...

This week Jupiter and Saturn had what's known as a conjunction, where they appear as one star in the night sky. My friend Adam is really into astronomy. Every time we hang out I always learn something. Monday night just after sunset we got to see what the conjunction looked like through a set of pretty awesome telescopes. I could actually make out the rings on Saturn and could make out about 4 moons as well! The second pic is our friend Daniel's telescope. That thing is a hoss!

I have a Russian Blue cat named Gracie that lately has been "helping" me work, lol (she's actually bumping my arm while I'm writing this). I don't know if it's help or just a distraction but I've been enjoying her company. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places. It's great how the universe works out like that. I'm super grateful for all the help I've had this year. Even the help that seems like a distraction at the time.

What's Up With J...

This week I've been working on mixes for the new record, brainstorming on new video projects, and preparing the production for this months Patreon cover video. I'm really excited to get started on our next big project. I've also been trying to get ready for Christmas. It really doesn't feel like it usually does this year. the one thing that is the same is I'm still behind on With the holidays meaning lots of time spent with friends and family, there is a lot more planning involved to make sure we can be safe while doing so. My family was hit hard this year with Covid-19. Most have recovered but some are still having hard times in the hospital. I myself was not directly exposed but, for obvious reasons, had to spend the past few weeks away from them and have truly missed them and can't wait to see them. But I am reminded of all the gratitude that the ones that are still with us are with us and to not forget to work through any and all differences we may have while we still can and to remind and say how we feel to each other even if it may not be pretty. Family and love are so important. There is so much we can learn from one another. We must hold on to these things and make them priority. Life is a garden.... I want to personally wish you guys happy holidays and I truly appreciate all your continued support. Much love -J


Special Thanks!

We are so grateful for our supporters on Patreon! Being independent artists, as you can imagine, isn't always the most lucrative job but it's so rewarding to have the opportunity to brighten people's day, encourage and provoke thought through music. We couldn't do it without the generous contributions of our supporters. So, we know it's awkward to ask but if you enjoy what we do and find some value in it, consider donating even just $1 a month on Patreon. It goes a really long way and you'll be able to have a backstage pass and become part of the creation process along with us.

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Merry Christmas!

We hope y'all are safe! We heard a good tip about dealing with extended family during the holidays: Never have serious conversations at the table, have them while you're doing something (preparing food, splitting wood for the fire, decorating etc). There's a very specific psychology behind it but it actually works. The second thing that we've heard that we think applies to every day not just this time of year is: You're not taking a risk by being kind. It's easy to forget but being kind is free, improves every situation and makes you strong. We love y'all!

Kyle & J

Panjos, New Music & Showing Up 

Hey RoshamFAM!

We hope y'all are having a great week! We both got our trees up (we went with fake ones). Christmas is getting close but whatever you're celebrating we hope you're able to share it with someone you love even though this year has thrown a big heavy wrench in family gatherings.

Last week we released a brand new original Christmas single called "A Very Merry Christmas (In My Pants)." We had a lot of fun making it! There's even a little video to go along with it.

We're absolutely blown away by the people that have already gotten a copy. We haven't had a lot of luck with releasing singles in the past, as least with people buying them. Thank you so much to those of you that picked it up last week. It means a lot! If you haven't gotten your copy you still can up until January 1st. 

We also released some fun new swag inspired by the song's cover art. All tees, hoodies koozies and baby onsies come with a free copy of the new single. You can check out our apparel store at


Look Who We Ran Into!

This guy is a legend! He looks extra good in that hoodie and is super fun to have a socially distant outdoor beer with! He's also a writer. We've pushed his stuff before but if you're all stocked up on Roshambeaux merch from either StoreFrontier or our Music Store check out his stuff on Amazon (and yes, it has 5 stars).

Panjos/Appalachian Dulcimers

Our friends got us some early Christmas presents this year! These are panjos or miniature Appalachian Dulcimers (tuned DAD if you're a string nerd like us). They are a lot of fun to play! It's cool that they're made out of repurposed materials. If you want to hear what they sound like, J made a song that's up in our Facebook group: RoshamFAM.

What's Up With J...

This week I've finished up on most of the projects I was working on. It's inevitable, the soul searching I've been doing, as I'm sure most of you are too, during these long stretches of isolation. I'm trying to put my head to the grind to further express my subconscious sonically. So far it's been successful but at times it can be hard to win the battle over insecurities and worry. With our new album getting closer to completion, I've been reflecting over it as a whole and trying to work through the pieces to make sense of it. This year has been a whirlwind of worry, panic, self doubt, struggle, and isolation. Even though I'm a man who values his alone time this has taken its toll on me as I'm sure it has on some of you as well. With all this I am reminded of how grateful I am for those of you who have connected to our music and related to our stories. You are the ones who remind us we are not alone. This new album, I hope, can play a part of our recovery from all of this. With stories of heroes, battles with our selves, political turmoil, questionable religious doctrine, importance of community, and most of all love. We can't wait to share this with you and we are humbled by the response from the songs we've already released. We have decided to release another single and video for you guys for the track " Criminal." You might have heard us mention this a few times. I've decided it's finished and will be releasing it to our patrons first some time this week. We are so grateful for all your support. The word love can not even amount.


What's Up With Kyle...

I wrapped up mixing a family folk project this week and I'm excited how it turned out. J was a big help taking over the mastering process for it. J and I have been taking on a few other projects here and there and this week I was reminded of what I was told about the music industry when I was starting out.

 "The music industry is a cluttered, competitive, cut throat, backstabbing, depressing place where good only the soulless get rich and good people die like dogs... and there are some negative aspects as well." It's rough job that takes a lot of resilience to do full time and come out with some semblance of "Making it work." However, nothing will come together if you don't show up.

We had an artist contact us for some help with arranging some of his music and getting it recorded. We blocked off some time, set the date, reconfirmed twice and the day of... nothing. No call, no show. Frustration aside, I was reminded that most of life is just showing up. You might not be at your best. Other people might laugh at you. You might be fighting off a panic attack but all of that is just details. You might fail horribly six times in a row but you won't ever succeed if you don't show up. I'm so grateful and indebted to all of you that continue to show up for us, even in the middle (and hopefully tail end) of this pandemic. Last March, I honestly thought it might be the end of a fun career but you all have continually encouraged me to keep going. I owe you a lot. Thank you so much!



Special Thanks

We are so grateful for our supporters on Patreon! Being independent artists, as you can imagine, isn't always the most lucrative job but it's so rewarding to have the opportunity to brighten people's day, encourage and provoke thought through music. We couldn't do it without the generous contributions of our supporters. So, we know it's awkward to ask but if you enjoy what we do and find some value in it, consider donating even just $1 a month on Patreon. It goes a really long way and you'll be able to have a backstage pass and become part of the creation process along with us.

Special thanks to our patrons: Nancy B, Steve B, Renee T, Rachel E & Nadia M! As well as our non Patreon monthly donor Jeff C! Y'all are awesome!


Roshambeaux's New Original Christmas Jingle 

Hey RoshamFAM!

We hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! We sure do miss all of you. We know that although this time of year is supposed to bring joy, it can often bring winter depression along with it. That lack of natural vitamin D from hanging outside in the warm sun can take its toll. Eat green things that grow in the ground, take a D supplement and most importantly, listen to this silly song we made to help lift your spirits!

A Very Merry Christmas... (In Your Pants)

We wrote this song a few years ago, and if you've seen us live in the past around the holidays you may have heard us perform it with just drums and piano. Since we've been given all this extra time this year we decided it was a good year to give the song a little production. We always loved those swingy Christmas Jingles that Brian Setzer and Harry Connick Jr would do, so we thought we'd try our own version. It's definitely not our comfortable genre but it was a lot of fun diving into some old records for research purposes, analyzing brass harmonies and classic swing guitar licks.

How To Get The Song

Right now, the song is available for free to our Patrons on Patreon, but also on our music store at for just a dollar and also is available for free with any purchase from our apparel store at 

New Christmas Merch!


To go with the new song, we designed our own version of the classic "ugly sweater." We think it's the sexiest ugly sweater out there so go ahead and pick one up so you'll have it in time for Christmas photos (but you can wear it all winter).


What's Up With J...

After finishing up editing our new Christmas single short I've also finished the Master for it just in time. Hope you guys enjoy this one. It's super corny and I think Kyle did a great job on it. Now it's time for me to shift back focus. I've also finished our brand new music video for our new unreleased track "Criminal" just have to decide if I'm done with the mix and master on it. That one should be out soon as well. Just waiting to set our release date. If you're on the patreon you'll be experiencing it all soon!  
Besides that I've just beat Age Of Calamity it was a super fun game. I really enjoyed the story and am curious if it's gonna have anything to do with the Breathe Of The Wild sequel due out next year. I'm probably gonna replay Breathe Of The Wild in the mean time while I wait The rest of this week I plan to finish up on masters for a project Kyle recently recorded for his family and and try to layout the ground work so we can finish up on our new album due to release next year. Gonna try and get some good writing time in.

What's Up With Kyle...

In addition to prepping the art for our Christmas song, I had the opportunity to do an on location recording for some folk singers from North East GA last week. I have a secret love for folk/Appalachian music so it was a very refreshing project to capture. There's just a raw honesty to that style of music that I really appreciate. I forgot just how much fun it is to record other artists. A lot of times it's challenging recording your own songs having to play producer, engineer and artist at the same time. I know J feels the same way but I think we're able to balance it all pretty well together. Being able to step back and only focus on recording definitely reminded me why I wanted to be in the music business as a kid. I think I've Googled "How to ___ a banjo," in the recording process 100 times this week but I think it's coming along well! I have the mixes about done and are gonna send them over to J for a review and mastering.

Special Thanks!

We are so grateful for our supporters on Patreon! Being independent artists, as you can imagine, isn't always the most lucrative job but it's so rewarding to have the opportunity to brighten people's day, encourage and provoke thought through music. We couldn't do it without the generous contributions of our supporters. So, we know it's awkward to ask but if you enjoy what we do and find some value in it, consider donating even just $1 a month on Patreon. It goes a really long way and you'll be able to have a backstage pass and become part of the creation process along with us.



Special thanks to our patrons: Nancy B, Steve B, Renee T, Rachel E & Nadia M! As well as our non Patreon monthly donor Jeff C! Y'all are awesome!

New Music Video Well on It's Way & Our Cover of House of The Rising Sun! 

Hey Roshamfam!

We're excited to say that our shoot for our brand new (as in unreleased) song called, "Criminal," went really well! If you've seen us live you know we tend to shy away from politics as we want to create an environment where we can be together, rock out, laugh, cry, chill and not worry about the world at least while we're together. That being said, as artists it's hard not to express the way we feel about the world around us. We hope when you hear this song and share it with your friends we'll be able to find commonality through our frustrations dealing with issues all of us have to face.

The shoot went really well! It was probably one of the first times we've asked, "Hey, what time is it?' and were surprised that when we checked the time, it was earlier than we thought. Shooting outside can offer an overwhelming amount of contingencies so we were really excited that we were able to stay on track without too many hiccups. 

Thanks to our friends on Patreon we were able to get the lighting that we needed for this shoot. We wanted to shoot this at night and without good natural light, the picture can come out grainy even with a really great camera. We're so grateful! Thanks so much for helping make this idea a reality!


The afternoon before the shoot, J worked on setting up the tech with the help of our key grip Harper. Kyle worked on staging and fire control. We had specific ideas for how we wanted the set to look so it took piecing a few things together.

We finished setting up right on schedule and began shooting right at dark. We had a few shots planned out but we wanted to leave room for "The Night Muse." That's what we call it when we get new ideas late at night. Some of the ideas didn't quite turn out but we got some really great organic, off the cuff shots with a few alternate angles and perspectives.

House of The Rising Sun

This week we released a cover of The Animals "House of The Rising Sun," requested by our friends on Patreon. Each month we release a live performance cover video as a thank you to everyone that continues to support us. We're really excited with how this one turned out! You can unlock the full video at

If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it please consider becoming a supporter on our Patreon page. Your contributions ensure that we're able to continue making music on and off the road.


What's Up With Kyle...

I completed the 75 Hard Challenge a few weeks ago and I don't think Thanksgiving ruined my progress too much, lol! I've been procrastinating posting up my final progress photos because I've always struggled with my weight. My goal was to hopefully look like the "before guy" in those Hydroxycut commercials and I think I may have accomplished it.

What's Up With J...

I've been enjoying diving in and learning about film editing. I've always been interested in sound ever since my brother and I would take my mom's old cassette tapes and dub them pretending to be radio DJ as kids. Film is an entirely different world but I'm excited to have that kid feeling with a new art form. This week I've been focusing on this new music video and learning the science on what makes piecing different shots together feel natural but maintain excitement. I can't wait for y'all to see this!

This week, while I'm working on the new music video, I'm also storyboarding an idea for a quick video for an original Christmas song we wrote a few Christmases ago but haven't had the time to do anything with it. It's a little hokey but I think we all need a little hokiness every once in awhile, especially around the holidays.

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We know we sound like a broken record (or a skipping CD) but we can't thank our Patrons on Patreon enough! We've seen so many bands and music venues have to call it quits this year. Thank you so much for allowing us to continue!

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Fall Apparel!

We're fully stocked on long sleeve tees, sweaters and hoodies! They are SO comfy! We'll have a new design out for winter so be sure to check the store!


So When's That New Album Coming Out? 

Hey RoshamFAM!

We'll be taking a hiatus from our weekly podcast, "Van Philosophy- Live Vlogcast" for the remainder of 2020 so we can prepare for a few bigger projects we're working on. You'll still be able to watch previous episodes on our YouTube channel. We're planning on releasing lots of content for the remainder of the year. We have a few surprises planned. If you don't want to miss any of it be sure to sign our mailing list. We won't ever spam you. We'll just let you know when something cool comes up. We'll keep this blog running so we can check in with each other as well as keep you up to date with what we're working on. Here's what we're up to this week.

New Album!

We're pumped to announce that we've been working on a new full length rock album this year. We don't have an official release date but we're hoping for Spring/Summer 2021. We're planning on the album coinciding with a tour in whatever capacity next year allows. This week, J is heavy into finalizing some mixes for the new album and Kyle is finishing up some vocal and guitar tracks. This is the first time in our career we're actually ahead of schedule with an album release!

New Merch!

Imagine it's a cold night, you've made a bonfire, you're planning on having a few cold ones (or hot ones).... wouldn't a koozie make your night SO much better?  

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New Music Video

We're laying down a few concepts for a new music video that will be a never before heard preview of the the new album and it requires some sandbags. We're super pumped. As always, our patrons on Patreon will get a sneak peak so if you're subscribed to our Patreon, will have the audio track for you this month.


Speaking of Patreon...

We've decided on this month's secret cover based on votes from our High Fivers on Patreon. We've finished all the pre-poduction and planning on shooting the live video this week! If you'd like to join the community you can at It REALLY helps us continue to make make music.

What's up with Kyle...

I woke up in weird foggy mess today. It was one of those, "I'm bummed out because I'm so bummed out," kind of mornings. I have all these cool things to work on today. We're making really good progress on the new album and I'm really excited for this month's Patreon project but I just couldn't get my brain in the right space. 

It's really funny but I saw an ad on my feed for a certain (not to be named) Vapor Rub treatment claiming it helps with depression/anxiety/brain fog. I kind of laughed thinking it was absurd but it reminded me that our brains work off of our senses, are easily distracted and best focus on one thing at a time. 

It doesn't matter what you're thinking about: If you walk into your house or apartment and smell dog s#!t you'll stop thinking about it. We're meant to run off of what's directly in front of us. 

It's a cold day so I got bundled up and went for a good long jog. About a mile in I forgot what I was so "meh" about. I think a good way to let go of psychological or emotional burdens is to pick up a physical one. 

Find a way to drop things and swap them out for an easily definable physical challenge. It's hard to find time, especially when you have responsibilities, obligations, grumpy bosses etc, but you'll be able to better deal with all those things with a clear head. I'm finding out that mental health and physical health are a lot more related than I thought. Being a human is complicated but at the same time it's not. 


What's up with J...

Some days all I wish for is a good night's sleep. It can be hard to admit when things have gotten to a point where you need to seek out help. Sleep Apnea effects so many of us and many of us don't seek treatment thinking it's something else. It can make problems you already have (anxiety, depression, stress, sore muscles, fatigue, etc) compound. It can seem like you are just broken. For those of you like myself that hate going to the doctor....don't put this off like I have for so long. Call your doctor and get it checked out. Much love!


For Whomever Needs To Hear This...

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Happy Veterans Day! 

Happy Veterans Day!

We'd like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that's served in our armed forces. Politics often get in the way and it's strange to us that this can often be a "touchy" subject. Being grateful for our service men and women isn't a left or right virtue signal. Einstein said, "The opposite of war in not peace; It is creation." We are grateful to those past and present that have put their lives against the destructions of war in the hope of defending the ones they love. This summer we did a version of the Star Spangled Banner and you can get a copy below.

This month the proceeds of our version will go to Wounded Warrior Project: an organization that provides interactive programs, rehabilitation retreats, and free mental health counseling to injured Veterans. We've partnered with Wounded Warrior Project in the past and we're grateful to support them again. In addition to your contribution, this week your contribution will be matched $1 for $1 (up to $400,000) by The Blue Angels Foundation. 

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Live Vlogcast Returns!

After two weeks off dealing with technical difficulties and both of us recovering from ear infections.Tonight, we'll be back to talk about stress and its relationship to anxiety. Last week we gave an analysis on acute and chronic stress from the perspective of a sound engineer, You can check it out HERE. Be sure to join us live tonight on our YouTube channel at 8pm/est. Get in the chat and let us know how you deal with acute or chronic stress.

New Music

We've released several projects this year ranging from seasonal singles, music videos to EPs. We're currently working on a new album as well as laying the storyboarding for another music video. You can check out our latest releases on our music store!

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A lot of people ask us what they can do to ensure that we're able to keep going. The easiest thing to do is share things that you've enjoyed from us with your friends. That alone gives us more support than you can possibly imagine! However, if you're looking for a way to support us even more, consider supporting us on Patreon. Even if it's just $1 a month, it goes a really long way. There's a few tiers with various monthly features. If you donate $5 a month you'll get a special music video based on your requests sent directly to you every month as well as access to a tight knit community of music lovers. 

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Stress From A Sound Engineer's Perspective. 


Let's Talk About Stress Baby!

As musicians we deal with stress constantly, whether it's physically being on the road for a long tour, mentally juggling all the things it takes to actually make it a viable healthy lifestyle or emotionally dealing with more rejection in one week, than a lot of people will deal with in a lifetime. Stress is the feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from a variety of events or even just thinking about them that can leave you feeling nervous, frustrated or angry.

Stress Is Normal... Sort of

Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge. It's played a major role in the evolution of our species. When we experience stress in short bursts like avoiding physical danger, meeting a deadline at work or working out it plays a positive role in our lives. However, when stress is constant and persists long after the event has passed it can be detrimental to our health.

Stress Vs Anxiety

A lot of times we tend to think that "Stress" and "Anxiety" are synonymous. While they are related to each other, they are two separate situations. A "Stressor" is what we call an event that induces physical or emotional stress. "Anxiety," is when that stressor has passed but the feeling of stress remains. Marshall McLuhan defined the feeling of anxiety as "Trying to use yesterday's tools for today's problems." Anxiety is when stress is no longer useful.

Stress According To A Sound Engineer

There are two types of stress: Acute and Chronic. Because we are musicians and producers we can best explain it with an analogy using a sound engineering tool called a Compressor. Compression is an audio signal processing operation that reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds, thus reducing or compressing an audio signal's dynamic range. If that sounds confusing, think of it as one person that turns up the volume of a song to a comfortable level and another person that quickly turns it down when something gets too loud and then returns the volume knob back to normal once it passes.

A sound engineer will tune how the compressor reacts to sound using different sets of parameters based on what type of sound he or she is compressing. Two of these parameters are what sound engineers call "Attack" and "Release." 


Attack is most easily defined as, "How fast the compressor will engage with sound when it 'hears' it," and is usually measured in milliseconds. Think of it as how fast the "virtual engineer" will turn down the volume knob as soon as he hears that something is too loud.


Release is essentially the opposite of attack. Think of it as how quickly our "virtual engineer" will return the volume knob back to normal when she hears that there are no longer any sounds that are too loud for the listener.


Our bodies' stress response is very much like a compressor in a recording studio. Acute stress is short term stress that goes away as soon as the stressor is no longer present. Acute stress is like slamming on the brakes when someone pulls out in front of you. Your heart will race and you might even honk your horn and yell out few choice words but the stress subsides rather quickly. This is like a compressor that is working well. It only turns the signal down when you need it to and it returns it back to normal levels once it's no longer needed.

Chronic stress is like a compressor that won't release properly. It 'hears' a sound that's too loud and quickly turns it down but when the spike in sound is no longer there it doesn't return it to normal quickly enough or even at all. With sound, engineers often describe this as "squishy" or "pumpy." The compressor did it's job attacking the sound but now it's cutting into things it shouldn't be. Chronic stress is like this. It may help you deal with the stressor but it negatively affects other areas of your life that don't need it once the stressor is gone.

What Happens When You Have Chronic Stress?

Your body reacts to stress with a variety of chemicals that cause your brain to be more alert, your heart to pump faster, your blood pressure to rise and your muscles to tense. When this happens briefly, it can tip your odds of survival in your favor. When it's chronic it can lead to:

High Blood Pressure
Obesity/weight gain
Heart Disease
Cycles of Depression/Anxiety
Menstrual Problems

Signs of Too Much Stress

Not all the signs of chronic stress are written in bold ink. A lot of them are hidden and you may not realize that too much stress is causing some minor issues that can turn into much bigger problems. Common chronic stress signs are:

Digestion issues (constipation/diarrhea)
General aches & pains
Stiff neck or jaw
Tiredness, Lack of energy, focus or will
Sexual Problems
Sleeping too much or not enough
Needing substances to "relax"
Upset stomach
Problems maintaining a healthy weight 

If you're having issues with any of these things it may be a result of chronic stress. Many times it can be remedied by a change in perspective, healthy diet and exercise, identifying and taking time away from stressors and learning to say "No." We'll go over a few things that have worked for us in tonight's vlogcast on stress on our Youtube Channel so be sure to subscribe and tune in tonight at 8pm/est. Get in the chat. We'd love to hear about how you've been dealing with stress, if you have any advice or if you just need a community to connect with on the subject. We're here for you!

However, as wonderful as it is that we're often able to take control of stressful situations, sometimes these problems can be an issue with your body's actual physical stress response and you may need to talk to your doctor. A lot of times we think we only need to go to the doctor when we think we've caught a virus or have a bacterial infection (we're guilty too). We might tell ourselves that, "It's ok, there's nothing actually wrong. It's just in my head." When in reality, it may be that there IS something wrong and ignoring it can lead to severe and needless life threatening problems. If you're not ashamed to go to the doctor when you have plaque in your throat you shouldn't be ashamed to go when stress becomes unmanageable... or Hell, uncomfortable.

It's Personal...

We're chatting about stress this week because it hits home. We've dealt with chronic stress a lot this year. There are so many stressors that it seems like we're not able to take a break from. The state of the music industry, balancing responsibility & economic recovery from Covid 19, the current political climate and so many other things. We appreciate every single one of you that have continued to support our art and message throughout this year by supporting us on Patreon, purchasing music or apparel or by sharing our content with your friends. We're so grateful. We couldn't do this without you!

Special Thanks!

A lot of people ask us what they can do to ensure that we're able to keep going. The easiest thing to do is share things that you've enjoyed from us with your friends. That alone gives us more support than you can possibly imagine! However, if you're looking for a way to support us even more, consider supporting us on Patreon. Even if it's just $1 a month, it goes a really long way. There's a few tiers with various monthly features. If you donate $5 a month you'll get a special music video based on your requests sent directly to you every month as well as access to a tight knit community of music lovers.

Special thanks to our Patrons:
Nancy B, Renne T, Steve B, Rachel E & Nadia M!

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We love you! You're the best!

Kyle & J from Roshambeaux