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How We Got The Van and Working with Other Artists 

It's funny, it seems like if you think about something long enough it seems to just show up.

At the time we were touring in J's Jeep Cherokee pulling a 5x8 trailer and we'd about gotten just about all we could out of the vehicle. Jeeps with straight 6's are great but there's no way they're made for what we put it through. We were on the road in between shows when we came up on an old church with two Ford Club Wagons parked out front with bright orange "For Sale" signs hanging in the windows. We drove passed a little ways not thinking too much of it when one of us said, "Do you think all this gear weighs about as much as 15 old ladies on their way to a prayer meeting?"

"Dude, we should turn around."
At least just to look. We knew the Jeep only had so long before it gave up. We pulled in and took a look at them. "The white one is in rough shape but this silver one looks brand new." We took some measurements and the phone number. "We can come back out this way next week if it pans out."

We called the church and the Reverend explained that the Good Lord said the choir needed new robes, the pews needed reupholstering and selling a van or two would would be just enough to get it done.

It needed a few repairs but it was exactly what we needed. We assured the Reverend we wouldn't use it to play "that Devil's Music." He laughed and smiled. "Just not on Sundays."

We took it to the shop, gave it a tune up, brakes, new tires, a new battery and a tougher radiator and we had our first "Business Vehicle." It seemed to validate what we were doing. Before the Jeep we packed everything we could in a Buick Station Wagon (yes, the one with the faux wood). It was one of those little things that made us feel like career musicians and not a "local garage band." It's been really good to us over the years. We've seen a lot of the country in it, written a lot of songs in it and spent long nights thinking about where our place is in this crazy ass world. We are so grateful for her. She's changed our lives. She's the unsung hero of the road. If the day ever comes, it'll be hard to let her go... Besides everything in it is basically new at this point, lol.

Working With Other Artists.

We love making art and it's really cool to see other people make it as well. Last week Steven from Silent Professional Photography took some really cool shots of our show at The Loft in Columbus GA. You definitely need to check out his work. It will make you smile and smiling is good for you. You can check out more of his work on Instagram HERE. Give him a follow!


    IG: @silentprofessional_photos


3 New Songs, 21 Tour dates & 7 Stitches 

Back On The Road!

We really enjoyed our time off the road and getting to spend the holidays with our friends and families. Our Fall Tour wore us out so we were grateful for the rest but we did miss you. We're overwhelmed with y'all! We hit the road last week to start out this new decade's first few show's. Thanks to everyone who came out in Charlotte, Salisbury and Southern Pines NC! The first week of a new tour can always feel a little rough when you've been on break for a few weeks but y'all made it feel easy. You're awesome! We have a few days off and we're headed to Huntsville, AL, Columbus, GA, Neptune Beach & Jacksonville Beach FL. You can check out the rest of our 21 date Winter Tour on our Tour Calendar Page HERE. We're excited to be back on the road feeling refreshed, hitting some new places and visiting some old favorites.










We put the van through Hell last tour so we gave her a pretty solid overhaul in the shop during our break: Fresh brakes, a power steering pump an array of fluid flushes, a whole new rear end later and she runs like new! Our mechanic got everything done really quickly and apparently in a rush cracked his head on the van's undercarriage and has the 7 stitches to prove it. We're glad he's ok!










We spent some good quality time in the studio over the break.
We got A LOT of tracks done for 3 new songs and we should be ready to announce another release soon! We're really excited with what we were able to lay down and we think it's our best work to date. We can't wait to share it with you! We'll have a little preview of what we've been writing at our live shows this tour so you don't have to wait for an official release.












Winter Funk and Holiday Blues in the Music Industry.
We're sorry for the puns but if you've worked in any part of the music industry you know that Winter can be frustrating, depressing and just plain old weird sometimes. Everyone's trying to balance the dichotomy of being really slow and really busy at the same time. One week it's being bombarded with emails leading into weeks of radio silence because everyone's on vacation to a hectic week catch up, cancellations due to ice storms and the cycle continues. If you don't catch the wave just right you'll be starving by Spring. We're really lucky that everything came together for this tour. It wasn't always that way. Do you get the same feeling with what you do? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below. We think we're getting back into the normal rhythm of things. We hope you are too!

Fall Tour Wrapped! 

Fall Tour is Wrapped!
We had such an awesome final week on the road last week in Tampa FL, St Simons, GA & Summerville SC! Thanks so much for coming out and helping us complete our Fall Tour with a bang! You're energy was amazing! We felt a little run down with the last burst of the tour (Altoona, PA to Tampa, FL was a LOOOONG drive) but we fed off of your enthusiasm and encouragement. We can't thank you enough! Hearing you sing along, seeing your hands in the air and watching you get down with us was overwhelming! Special thanks to Rachel, Steve & Nancy. Y'all are incredible people! We love you!



The Van...
We thought we were in the clear after blowing a bypass hose in Virginia the week before. On the road to St Simons from Tampa we noticed the brakes felt a little funny. Then, they felt really funny. Then, the brake light came on. We pulled off at a gas station and checked our brake fluid. It was pretty low but luckily not low enough to do any major damage. We topped off and did a quick Google search for a parts store since most shops were closed for the weekend. We found an Auto Zone about a mile from where we pulled off so we decided to head that way hoping they had what we needed.

We noticed a more promising option next door.
Now.. because of what we're about to tell you we're going to leave out what town we were in, what shop we pulled into, and the name of the fan that works there.
We knew we blew a brake line so we figured it might not be an issue fixing it. Unfortunately, the line we blew was a proprietary line for the rear brakes that would need to be ordered and wouldn't be available for a day or two. We figured we'd have to cancel the show that night and hunker down until we could get it fixed until our friend floated this idea...

"We can bypass it. You'll only have front brakes but you can make it to your show."
"You're front brakes basically do 70% of the stopping so you'll be ok for the next day if you take it easy. You'll need to get it fixed ASAP." We all stared at each other for a few seconds, took a deep breath and decided to go for it. We ran over to the parts store across the street, got a vice grip and some zip ties. We tested the brakes to make sure we maintained pressure and weren't leaking fluid. "They feel tight." "No leaks!" "This is some redneck shit! lol"

We made it to the show with no issues. Fans there reassured us that, "You're front brakes basically do 80% of the stopping." That number kept going up the rest of the trip. We're not saying you should ever do this but we made it home. The van's in the shop getting A LOT of TLC. We're almost to 400k miles. We think we'll hold on to it for awhile, though. It's been good to us.

On Break!

We're very excited to be home for the Holidays and spending time with our families! We're resting up for a few weeks and recording some brand new music before we get back on the road next month for Winter Tour. We'll be back at it on January 9th! Winter tour dates have been announced and we've added a few dates (here's looking at you Baltimore and Neptune Beach)! We're hitting a lot of cities! Hopefully we're near you. We'll be taking a break from the blog until until we're back on the road. You can check out our Winter Tour Dates at

Merry Christmas!
Have you heard our version of "Oh Holy Night?" It's definitely one of our favorite Christmas Carols so we were excited to be able to put out our version of it. It's available on Spotify & Itunes. Just click the icons below. We'd love to be a part of your holiday playlist this year. Check it out! See you soon, Be safe!



Snowstorms, Beaches, Blown Hoses & The Most Followers We've Got All In A Week's Tour 

If an agent did this to us we'd slap them but this is actually Kyle's fault!

"You guys are going from Altoona, PA to Tampa FL? That's at least two days on the road right?

"Well, yeah but we have two days off so it works out."

It's gonna be a crazy last stretch of our Fall Tour but we have 3 more shows to go before we take a long break from the road. You can check out where we'll be on our Tour Dates Page. We had a blast in Ohio and Pennsylvania last week! We drove through our first "White Out" as a band and have gotten more followers in the past four days than we've gotten this whole Fall Tour! It's really cool and humbling to see things take off in new ways. We can't wait to see what 2020 has in store! Touring up North in December is ill-advised by pretty much everyone we've met in the music industry but we met some really awesome people this week and we're glad we didn't wait for warmer weather for a chance to hang out with y'all. We'll see you soon!

Road Trouble

On our way south from Altoona on Sunday we noticed the van was overheating somewhere near Edinburg, VA. We pulled off at the next exit, popped the hood and took a look. We could see antifreeze pooling up under the van but it was a little hard to tell exactly where it was coming from. It wasn't from the radiator, upper or lower hose. Maybe the water pump? Which would suck, 500 miles from home... on a Sunday. The leak eventually stopped with a decent amount of liquid still left in the system. After starting it up again we noticed  a steady stream aimed directly at the alternator intensifying when hitting the gas. "That just CAN'T be good for the alternator." We found the culprit was a small hole in a bypass hose behind, well, a lot of stuff. We called AAA and got a tow to an Advanced Auto a few miles down the road. Our driver was hilarious. It seemed like we had to take half of the van a part in the parking lot to get to the hose but the guys at the part store let us borrow a few tools and we we're back on the road in just a few hours (and J thought he wouldn't use his Automotive degree playing music). Here's a few photos but you can check out more on our Instagram Page.

This week is our last week on the road until our Winter 2020 Tour begins on January 9th! We had so much fun this tour. Thanks to everybody that caught a show! We'll do a recap next week so be sure to check the blog. We have a few songs we've been humming in the van and we're gonna take the opportunity to hit the studio over the break. We hope y'all are around people you love during the winter Holidays. That's where we'll be!


Our Collection of Gibson Guitars & One of The Best Places to Buy Vinyl in Georgia! 

We had an awesome time in Valdosta, GA and Orange Park, FL last week! It was great to see all of your smiling faces showing up wearing our t-shirts and singing along! Thanks for letting us debut our latest song we've been writing. We're hoping to have it released next year. It's hard to feel connected and make new friends a lot of times but you made it so easy. Thanks for being there y'all!

Kyle's up in Wisconsin where the high today is 8 degrees Fahrenheit. We have some colder up north shows coming up this week in Pickerington, OH and Altoona, PA. Wish us southern boys luck! You can check out details for the remainder of our Fall Tour HERE. We'll be finishing out our tour with warmer weather in FL,GA & SC!

Our friend Bryan opened up a really cool record store in Valdosta along side one of our favorite venues in the southeast. It's called Hole In The Wall Records. If you're ever in the Valdosta area you NEED to check this place out! They have so many gems in this place it's ridiculous. Not only do they have an impressive vinyl selection but they have retro apparel, books and tapes too! Honestly, it's a little hard to describe it and do it justice so take a look at their Instagram below.

During intermission at Friday night's show the owner snuck us in for a  private tour of Hole In The Wall Records and we noticed this book.

We're total Gibson guitar nerds. They're the only guitars we record with and when he caught us eyeing the book he said we could have it. We laid down a few guitar tracks last week so it was cool to get to learn a little history on the guitars we have in the studio. A lot of you have been asking us what guitars we use when we record so here they are:

1958 Gibson 225 T (pictured left)
This was J's Grandmother's guitar and it still has her ghost in it. It was given to her by her friend (Hank Williams Sr) and it's been in the family ever since. This guitar plays itself. We've spent countless frustrating hours in the studio forcing guitar takes using other guitars only to switch to this one and get it in one take. If we experiment with alternate tunings it will eventually tune itself back to standard and we swear we've literally heard it whisper our names listening back to guitar takes we've tracked (listen closely to the guitar solo in our track "Get It Up"). This guitar is a classic but this one specifically carries the soul, blood, sweat and tears of an amazing women that is still with us every time we track with it. We use this guitar on every song we record even if it's just a backing layer. We love you Nanny! We'll take good care of it.

1976 Gibson Explorer (pictured right)
J picked this one back in his metal days. We can't tell you how much he paid for it because you'll think he stole it. The natural resonance on this guitar is incredible! There's been several hardware customizations but the most notable are the EMG pickups. If you're not familiar with the absolute beasts these pick ups are you can learn more about them HERE. We use this guitar when we're creating tones that need a little more edge. We've considered putting P-90s in it but we really like the the tonal variety we have having it set up as is. And before you yell at us, yes, we do have the original hardware in a box.

1999 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (pictured center)
This is Kyle's main guitar both in the studio and on the road. Even though we have access to other amazing guitars there's just something about a Les Paul. It's named after the inventor of the electric guitar if that says anything about it.The story on this guitar goes that Kyle's dad got it for him after losing a bet that he couldn't learn to play the song Stairway to Heaven. There's been a lot of great Les Pauls made over the years but this one is our favorite mainly for it's pickups. The "mini-humbuckers" or "crunch-humbuckers" give it a natural balanced tone that helps us shape our main guitar tones on stage and in the studio. Thanks Dad!

Winter 2020 Tour Dates Announced! 

Winter 2020 Tour Dates Announced!

We hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! We had a great time hanging out with family in Nashville, TN and Northeast, GA. We're gonna have a blast on the last stretch of Fall Tour! We're finishing out the year in Valdosta GA, Orange Park FL, Pickerington OH, Altoona PA, Tampa FL, St Simons GA & Summerville SC. Get details on our Tour Dates Page for details on these final shows!

 We're really excited to announce our Winter 2020 dates! We have a lot in store for you in 2020. We can't wait to see you! Be sure to keep checking out Tour Dates Page for updates! We'll be adding a few dates. Are we coming to your town?

Get Showtimes and Ticket Info at:

Where else should we go in 2020?



Stress Rocks, Playing with Grammy Award Winning Artists and Why We Say Thanks! 

Why Do We Say Thanks?

Thanksgiving is important to us. We say thanks because someone has done something for us. Whether it's holding the door for someone, making a meal or pulling us out from a burning building, we say "Thanks" because what's been done for us is good and we want to encourage that person to do it again. We're always reminding ourselves to be grateful. A lot of times we forget where to place our gratitude. We're reminded this time of year that people need to be thanked. Idealism is cool but gratitude doesn't mean anything unless someone is there to receive it. Saying, "I'm grateful for __" isn't enough. It's easy to say what you're grateful for but it's harder to reach out to the people that gave you those things. We're grateful we continually get to make music for a living but if you're reading this YOU are the object of our gratitude. Thank you so much for allowing us to make music for you! A lot of times, as musicians it's hard to reconcile our place in the world. We're not doctors or firemen. We don't provide items essential for survival. So the fact that you continually allow us to keep our jobs is overwhelming. Thank you! We mean it. We hope you do it again.

We had an awesome time last week in Savannah, GA and Anderson, SC! We absolutely love these two venues specifically. If you haven't gotten a chance to check them out click the icons below. Over the years we've realized there's always the possibility of no one showing up to a show (or it at least no one showing up on purpose). The past few shows have been incredible and the reason for that is you. Seeing your smiling faces through the fog and stage lights is one of the best feelings in the world. Thanks for hanging out with us!





CLUB 134




Playing With Grammy Award Winning Artists.
We've been following a band for awhile and we got the opportunity to play a show with them last week. They put on a great show and the Grammy's (yeah that's right) they have under their belt are well deserved. It was inspiring to share the stage with them. Give them some love if you haven't already. We're looking forward to working with them on and off stage in the future. Check out Trae Pierce and The T-Stones below.


At the end of the show on Saturday
When the venue was closing down, bouncers were shuffling people toward the doors and a fan came up to us and asked an unexpected question. "Do you ever worry about stuff?" Obviously, we do. She said she'd like to give us something if that was okay. She began to explain that awhile back someone gave her this stone with the instructions that anytime she felt stressed to rub the imprint with her thumb. She said it was something that really worked for her and it was time to share it with someone else. We said yes, we'd be honored to take it and would definitely use it. She smiled really big and gave us a warm hug and was off. How awesome is that!? And yes, it does work. There's probably some brain science behind it but we think it works because someone felt it was important to try to soothe another person's worries. A lot of time knowing someone wants to help is all the healing you need.

So, wherever you are on Thanksgiving don't just say what you're grateful for. Find someone, one on one and thank them for something that they've done for you. We have lots of things to be grateful for but they're just things. People are what matter. We love you. Thanks! Tell us about someone that deserves your thanks in the comments below and then tell them in person if you can. 



Dealing with Death, Dealing with Life and Writing About It. 

Dealing with Death.

Kyle's Grandfather passed away last week so we've taken a little time off. The tour resumes this Friday and you can check out dates here: Here's Kyle's unedited thoughts:

"No one deals with death the same way so it's hard to figure out the right way to do it. There's thousands of philosophies on what happens when we die but the only thing I know for sure is that you leave and people miss you. It's hard losing someone but I feel like I've lost a part of myself. I feel like I should know myself better and where I came from and now I can't. My grandfather was a great man.  A man who broke laws because he knew they were immoral. It's because of people like him I can drink from whatever water fountain I want and stay overnight in the next county over.  I'm a little scared. That seems like a huge fucking torch to carry and I don't think I have the balls. Everyone owes their existence to their grandparents but I owe the idea of myself to them as well. I find myself saying 'I wish I could have known him better' or 'I wish I would have asked him more questions' but I think that's inevitable when you lose someone. I knew him like I assume most people know their grandparents. Not very well, on a peer level at least but I don't think that's what our relationship was for. It was for playing chess and having one person say 'I love you' and the other say 'thanks' and laugh hysterically. I can't think of a question I'd ask him today where I don't know what he'd say so I don't think I've lost him entirely. I've always loved the saying, 'One day, in the not too distant future the last person you knew will think of you for the last time and then you will finally be allowed to die.'"

Dealing with Life

We're reminded that we need to take care of ourselves. It's really easy to let things slide once Fall hits (especially with all the delicious carb packed food the Holidays bring). Playing shows is really great cardio and with no roadies it's decent weight training too. However, if we don't get out blood going on our off days we feel really weird. J got a pretty sick stationary bike and can clear over 9 miles in 30 minutes without breaking a sweat. Just kidding, he get's super sweaty. We feel like that's good. Does anyone else bike for a workout? Is that good? Kyle's doing calisthenics but might need to up his game. We're planning on releasing a lot more video content next year so our fitness goals are to not cringe when we have to watch ourselves over and over in the editing room. It's like that scene in American Beauty: "I just wanna look good naked!" Let us know what you do to stay in shape (even if round is your shape :p ).

We've been in the studio this week and have a few brand new, never heard before tracks we're finishing up. We've been using a few different approaches to the recording process and we're achieving some really cool tones and captures. We mentioned The Maelstrom studio a few weeks ago. Here's a floor photo from a guitar session we did last week over there. Be sure to follow them on IG and us too if you haven't already.

Follow The Maelstom on IG @maelstromstudio - Follow Roshambeaux on IG @roshambeauxlove





Celebrating Christmas Too Early, Band Names You Have To Say 4 Times & A Really Cool Charity. 















Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas?

This guy certainly doesn't think so! We had a blast last week in Gainesville and Macon GA! We got to work with two really great sound engineers at Mule Camp Tavern and The Hummingbird (looking at you Austin and Johnny!). Thanks for making it sound awesome! Thanks to everyone that came out. Saturday's crowd was incredible! We felt really connected to you all and that's really the only thing that shows are about. If you haven't followed these venues yet make sure you do! They are both gems!

We've gotten to headline a few shows this year but we still love being an opener. There's a certain young energy opening a show. You have something to prove. You give it a little more. At the same time there's a little less pressure.There's nothing quite like it. Thanks Bootz & Katz (say that 4 times!) for teaming up with us on Saturday! If you haven't gotten to check them out you can HERE. It's always cool to see live original DJ's do their thing and adding in live bass and guitar is really fun to watch.












So...  Is it too early to set up Christmas decorations?
We're a little on the fence but at least we're past Halloween. We haven't noticed tree lots popping up yet. When do you start preparing for your winter holidays? We usually wait until after Thanksgiving but we won't yell at you if you're getting into it now ;p

So if you're feeling the the holiday spirit we have something just for you. A few years ago we decided to produce a version of "Oh Holy Night." All the proceeds from downloads then and still today go to help a local Georgia charity called "White Christmas," that helps families make their Christmas warm by providing toys and winter necessities if they just need a little help making it happen. It's awesome. So, we know it's early but check out our song and consider downloading it. It goes to a really great cause. The work these people do is amazing and we're glad to be a part of it in a even just a small way. We hope you will too!




At Capacity Shows, Our Dream Recording Studio & A New Venue That's Cool AF 







There's always a little stress when you have a show in a city that you've never visited much less played. Last week we had two.  
As a musician so much goes through your head on the drive. Are people going to show up? Does the venue represent itself honestly? Will the check clear? It's like diving off a cliff into a pool. People that have done it before give you a good idea of what to expect but you could easily hit your head on a rock or break your legs. We're happy to say we emerged from the plunge smiling saying, "Let's do that again!" Thanks to everyone last week that took a chance on seeing a new band (or in a few cases driving a few hours to see a new venue)! Saturday's show in Southern Pines, NC was at capacity with a line out the door and a room full of people that had seen our videos, heard our songs and knew our lyrics. It was incredible! We already have a date booked for the next tour. Keep an eye on our tour calendar. We'll announce winter dates next month:

We'd like to take a second to tell you about a new venue in Franklin, NC called "Altered Frequencies" or AF for short. There's a lot to love about it but what has us hooked is the name. There, you don't rock out; You rock out AF! If you're ever in the area you need to check it out. It takes a lot of guts to open a music venue in a small town, especially one with attitude. It's not huge place but everyone there made it feel like home. It felt like having a sleepover at your "cool friend's" house. Show them some love and follow them online HERE.

Into The Maelstrom!
While we're giving out shout outs you need to check out this absolutely INSANE studio we've been working with! We have to pinch ourselves every time we're there to make sure we're not dreaming. Every amp, microphone, plug in we could dream of, perfectly acoustically tuned rooms and an amazing group of team members make this the place we dreamed about when we were first starting our careers. It's called The Maelstrom. You can watch the studio's promo video below and understand why we can't get the butterflies out of our stomachs. Their calendar is filling up but if you've ever considered recording anything this is the place to do it. They handle everything from Gospel to Death Metal to Audio Books. Check out their page HERE

We've released our latest music video!
 It's available to stream on YouTube or on our Video Page. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet check it out below.  Have you ever had a nightmare where you knew you were dreaming but just couldn't wake up? We tried to capture the sentiment filming this. It's a little creepy but we promise you'll wake up when it's over. Self Expectation can be a real nightmare.