This is how we play live during a pandemic... 
We do a live studio performance every month on Patreon based off requests from our subscribers that donate $5 or more. We've done a wide range of songs varying from Tennessee Williams to Rage Against The Machine. We're excited to see what you request next! It's been great getting to reinvent some of our favorite songs. By joining Patreon you're helping us keep the lights on but also helping us grow and get new ideas for when we're able to get back to touring.

-Instantly gain access all exclusive videos and behind the scenes content
-Put in requests every month for exclusive covers
-Get behind the scenes pictures and info
-Receive early access to new merch and music
-Have direct contact with the band
-Sign up for private performances And much more

Thanks for being a part of our creative process! We truly are grateful for each and everyone of you.


Not Sure If Patreon Is For You But Still Want To Support Roshambeaux?

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