Why Concerts Won't Likely Return Until 2021

With the recent resurge of Covid-19 cases a lot of people are wondering if a second stimulus check is necessary for the American economy. As musicians, we've seen several of our favorite venues close last week, because of employees testing positive for Covid 19, with plans on re-opening when "it feels safe to do so." We've also seen a few places close their doors for good, unable to recover from the economic hardships of these past few months. The music industry, along with so many others have taken a crippling blow. It's very likely that concerts and large gatherings for entertainment will not resume until 2021.

Sam Kirby- Tour Manager, FOHM for The Faceless


Bijou Theatre- Knoxville, TN



We've Been Dragging This Out...

We want things to go back to normal. As musicians, we really miss being out on the road, seeing people and giving out sweaty hugs after the show. There's a lot of talk in the media that this quarantine life is just, "The New Normal." It's frustrating and we don't want to accept it. We've seen the majority of other countries opening back up while here in the United States there's talk of a second wave of shutdowns and the need for a second stimulus. Ignoring problems don't make them go away. On the contrary, it exacerbates them. The music industry like so many others are stalled. It's baffling that in a country with so many unquestioned safety and hazard laws the majority of us can't seem to accept a simple temporary solution for controlling the spread of a virus that's continuing to affect our way of life. This virus will eventually become just like all of the other diseases humanity has dealt with in the past but our actions now have a direct impact on how long that will take.


The Responsibility of Freedom 

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We're proud to be Americans. We think that personal freedom is valuable and part of what makes this country great. We think that in order to maintain it we have to be responsible. Throughout history, governments whether Democratic or Tyrannical steps in with force when the people mismanage a threat. We're seeing the start of this now in South Carolina with bars. Last week, the state instituted an "Alcohol Sales Curfew" in an attempt to force the limit of time people gather in response to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Our country was founded on a "Don't tell me what to do mentality," and if we value that as a good thing, we need to take on the the responsibility of maintaining it or else the government will. Freedom is a burden we have to bear but unequivocally believe it is worth it.


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