Happy Independence Day!

E Pluribus Unum! Out of many we are one! We think it's ok to take pride in our citizenship. We think we should do our part in maintaining what is good and fixing what is broken. There's plenty of both. Through times of prosperity and times of turmoil let us not forget we are one, we are equal and are responsible for one another. We hope you enjoy your free download of our version on "The Star Spangled Banner" and sing along! Happy Independence Day!
Kyle & J

Thanks For Your Support!

As touring musicians, 90% of our income comes from being on. the road. Through tour cancellations and being unsure when normal touring will resume we've been blown away by your support! Thank you so much for your contributions helping us continue to make music through these strange times. If you enjoy what we do, please consider making a donation of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more. It goes a really long way!


For Your Donations...

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Buy One- Get One- Give One!

With masks becoming an essential article in more and more cities we wanted to help do our part to make sure everyone has access to one, especially if they're required to wear one to keep their job. Right now, for every purchase we're donating a high quality, comfortable, reversible & reusable mask to an essential worker that has done so much for us during the Covid 19 outbreak. Buy one, Keep Two & give one to someone that needs one.