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Hey Roshamfam!

Last week we returned to Full Live Show streaming after a few weeks off in preparation for a few new things coming this month. Thanks to everyone that tuned in on Friday night! If you didn't get a chance to watch "Roshambeaux- Dropping Bombs: Full Show Live Stream" you can rewatch it now on Facebook Watch. Just Click the image below! 

Special Thanks To Our Supporters Last Week:

Jeff C, Cassie D, Renee T, Charles F, Momentum of Today, Tre' B, Colby W, Gabe, B, Phyllis F, Nancy B, Christine D, Lauren S, Nancy C, William H & Pam K! We truly couldn't do this without you!!! 

Roshamfam- a home for art, ideas & positivity.

If you're like us you've been noticing a lot of negativity on your social media news feed. A lot of it is warranted with everything that's been going on but we wanted to create a safe fun space that can cultivate connection, fun and a reprieve from life's struggles. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of just click the image below to take you to our private Facebook Group: Roshamfam. We talk about all sorts of stuff from gardening to favorite vacation spots to our favorite music (and of course what's going on with our favorite electronic duo). Once your there hit "Join Group" and someone in the family will let you in. We're all waiting for you!

Acoustic Live Stream Friday 6/12/20 @ 8pm

We're so grateful for our Roshamfam! Earlier this week we weren't sure what we should do for our next live stream so we asked the fam what we should do. Usually we struggle getting ideas from people on social media (because of algorithms and throttling) but we're able to connect with people instantly! We all decided the next Live Stream Concert should be unplugged. We're excited! Our first shows starting out were all unplugged and it's great that we don't have to leave that part of our lives behind. We'll have more info for you soon. But plan on seeing us stripped down, naked, unplugged, acoustic... (you get the idea) on Friday 6/12/20 @ 8pm. We'll have plenty of reminders on social media and in the Roshamfam group so be sure to follow us!

Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast Tonight

Since having to be off the road we've spent the last few months trying to figure out other avenues of providing entertainment. We've always wanted to do a podcast and we think we've found a good weekly rhythm. We toyed around with a few ideas but for right now we're doing them live on Facebook every Wednesday night at 8pm. Be sure to tune in tonight! Sometimes we have specific topics but sometimes we just hang out with whoever joins us.

Click to open Stream 

What's Leaving This Month


Click Image to Get Your Copy Now

If you've been following our other blog entries you've seen that we released our very first collection of recordings together called "Gaudy Monstrosity," along with some special bonus material and photos that document our earliest years together as Roshambeaux. We'd left in in the vault for awhile taking it down from Spotify, Apple, YouTube etc but we wanted to show y'all how it all started and that record was when we knew we felt ok diving into this as a career. It will be available for one more week and we'll throw it back in the vault to make room for what's coming out next.


Click Image To Get Access To The Quarantine Quover

Last month Kyle did a secret bedroom recording of one of his favorites by Elton John. Solo, stripped down, unedited. If you haven't gotten a chance to see it, it will be available until June 10th at www.roshambeauxmusic.com/donate


Click Image To Get Your Copy 50% Store Price

In April, the day Gov. Kemp ordered the GA "Shelter in Place" order we were finishing our Live Acoustic EP Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes. We're were really excited how it turned out. We imagine ourselves on a long dark desert road and this is what's playing in the background. It will be available until June 10th at www.roshambeauxmusic.com/donate until June 10th and it will be moved to our online store at full price.


Click Image To Go To Shop. Save 25%

Last week we announced pre-orders for masks last week and they'll be in stock in a few days! Last week we offered the early birds 25% off masks and included our latest Single "Maybe I Don't Have To" as a free exclusive download (not available anywhere online). We're extending that offer this week until it hits our store on June 11th.

What's Coming!

1. Patreon





What's Patreon? Patreon is a membership platform that provides tools for creators run a subscription based content service. It basically allows content creators like us to earn a monthly income by provided exclusive rewards and perks to our subscribers or "patrons." Look for an official announcement next week!

2. New Single!
We've finished our latest full studio single "Maybe I Don't Have To," inspired by our time in quarantine. Right now it's only available for free with a mask preorder but it'll be available June 10th on the webstore and next donation tier at www.roshambeauxmusic.com/donate

3. New Exclusive Video
We like keeping things fresh so we'll have a new video to replace Kyle's Elton John Cover that's leaving the donation tier on June 10th.

4. Masks








They'll be in stock next week but you can get your's now for 25% off + our new single FREE!

5. New EP
We've been working on a remix EP inspired by our 808s N Chill Live stream we did last month! J's hot in the studio putting on some finishing touches before we give it a final mix and master. We don't have a release date scheduled but look for an official announcement in a few weeks!

6. Merch Poll
We have a few ideas for some new merchandise but we want to hear your ideas. We'll take advice from Patreon (once it's launched) and from our Roshamfam members so make sure you get in one of them!


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