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Hey RoshamFAM!

Before we fill you in on what we're up to this week we want to give a special shout out to our new Exclusive Access members this week Jeff C and Phyllis F! Thanks so much for being on the team. It helps us out SO much! You ROCK!

We're putting the final touches on our next cover performance video this week. In case you didn't know, we've been producing performance videos every month based on your requests on Patreon and Exclusive Access. These platforms are great because they really help us continue to make an income as independent musicians even through a pandemic. Thanks to Nadia M for requesting this month's cover! We hope you like it!

What's Up With Kyle...

I'm glad Spring finally feels like it's on it's way! This is the time of year that we usually experience "Fake Spring" for a few days and the real one won't arrive for another few weeks. J and I went on a hike last week and it finally feels like that "hunker down for Winter" mode is melting away. 

Last Fall a buddy of mine turned me on to the "75 Hard Challenge," where you have to work out for 45 minutes twice every day (one of which must be outside), drink a gallon of water, read ten pages of a book and take a progress photo everyday. Miss one and you have to start over. I definitely understood why they call it 75 Hard, lol. Now that Spring is here, I'm ready to embrace another physical challenge so I've started TUT (time under tension) training. I. Am. Sore, lol but I've been enjoying it. I've gotten good motivation from J and how he's been focused on his health all this past month. He took me out on one of the hikes he's been doing last week. It was a great time!

This week, I'm finishing up on some pick ups for my last remaining tracks for the upcoming album. I think I'm just about done. In addition, since we've been doing these cover requests to help keep us afloat, I'm looking into what we'll need to do to license them. Music licensing is a whole new strange world from performance, booking shows and touring but I'm excited to get to learn about it. 

What's Up With J...

This week has been so much more peaceful in mind. The daily meditation has extremely helped with lowering my stress levels and refocusing my energies. It's week three of one meal a day and, at this point, I'm starting to think it's just how I'm gonna be for a while. Snacks and eating are always tempting but not if you're focused on what you should be doing with your time. With this new habit I've been getting back into cooking. Been thinking about doing another cooking with j video. Let me know if you guys would be interested in seeing another. Also glad to say I got Kyle to join me this past week on a 3 mile hike. We had a really good time. I think it's important for us to plan more regular outings like this together as we can just enjoy the moment together and not feel like we just have to be discuss our next project or anything like that. Besides all that I've been head down in the studio wrapping up all the finishing touches on the new cover video from our February requests. As I'm writing this I'm about to scan back over it and make sure I didn't miss anything and bounce it down and try and get it uploaded asap. So, if you're on our Patreon or exclusive access you'll be able to see all the hard work Kyle and I have put into this one. Hope you enjoy it and to anyone who reads this....I love you very much!


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