We're Working On New Music This Week!

No Streams This Week But...

We have a few new projects we're working on including a brand new Studio Single called, "Maybe I don't have to" and another EP! Be sure to check in with us next week! We just might have a few shadow drops for you.

In preparation for what we have coming up, we won't have any streams this week but we're hoping having some fresh music will make up for it. If you weren't able to tune into last week's Quaranstream, "Mayday Mayday Full Stream Ahead" you can still watch it on our Facebook page (just click the image above). We had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one!

Thanks For Your Support!

We're 8 weeks into quarantine and subsequently 8 weeks into a full tour cancellation. We've had to pull dates so far into mid June (possibly longer). We were very afraid that this could have meant the end of our music careers but we've had the support of so many amazing people these past few weeks keeping us going! There's no way we could have survived this without you! You are so inspiring! Shout out to last week's supporters!

Stephen D, Adrian F, Nancy B, Pam K, Brooks Plumbing, Rebekah F, Steve B & David M!

Y'all are so awesome! We can't wait to show you what we've been working on! It's because of you that we get to! If you'd like to join our list of supporters and get yourself some fresh new tunes and exclusive videos start by clicking the donate button below. It really helps!

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