This Month's Performance Request: "Purple Rain" by Prince

Hey RoshamFAM!

We've finished up our latest monthly performance video! This month, from your requests, we decided to take on Purple Rain by Prince. We are super excited with how it turned out! Thanks to our patron Steve for suggesting this one. Covering songs by one of your idols can be super intimidating. I know this one took a little longer to get out to you guys but we wanted to make sure it was just right. Cant wait to see what you guys request next. Watch the trailer below. We hope you dig it as much as we do. Let us know in the comments below what ya think.

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What's Up With Kyle...

I had a lot of fun shooting this month's request! We've been asked to do this one in the past so it was great to finally learn it and produce it as a Roshambeaux song. I'm so grateful for our folks on Patreon. I'm not sure what we do without them. This past year has been rough on us but it's great to know there are people that want us to keep going. Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see next!

I have a few guitar tracks to record this week. Most of my tracks for the upcoming album are already recorded but there's a few layers we'd like to through in. We typically only write one guitar part for our music so it always translates live but I like to get a few good takes of the part and blend them together. I always felt that gives the guitars a nice warm and full feel on recordings.

With the recording of the next album just about wrapped I'm gonna be focused on the artwork. I came across some cool styles and motifs when we were putting together promo for one of the singles for it ("Criminal" which you can check out HERE). I'm excited to dive into something new! Thanks so much for continuing to support us: even if it's not on Patreon or Exclusive Access. Sometimes just checking in with us on social media or reading these blog updates is just the motivation we need to keep going.

What's Up With J...


This week I've been focusing a lot on grounding and trying to get handle on my personnel health. When you're feeling bad it's always easy to just sit in it. I find it important to keep reminding myself it will get better if you put in the work. So, currently I'm on a week fast where it's just one meal a day (only healthy foods), drinking only water and started taking walks everyday (at least 1.5 miles). surprisingly it hasn't been as hard I thought it would be. I'm definitely starting to feel the benefits of this reset and new daily exercise routine. Being the caregiver type personality I am I often don't take enough time to care for myself. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that feel this way as well. But listen, if you don't take care of yourself you won't be able to properly care for those around you. Stay committed and set routines up that keep that in mind. It's not an overnight fix kinda thing but in time things will get better. We have to believe that or else the only other option will be to eventually give up. I'm also gonna be starting to relearn my meditation skills. I used to be really good at it but I just gave up on it for some strange reason. I find myself in need of that spiritual connection with myself that I've put on the back burner for way to long.

On the creation side of things I'm happy to say I've finally been able to finish all the audio ( mixing and mastering) and the video (editing, clip placement, correction, etc.) for the new cover video. I'm really excited with how it turned out. I'm still looking at a new lens to get the wide angle shoots just as clean as the b-roll. I'm looking at another prime lens, as I've been super happy with the sharpness of my 50mm prime. I'm always spending time to try and make things better. Kyle has to remind me sometimes just to do my best for today. We've always worked off a shoe string budget but I believe each one we do is better than the last and that growth keeps me pushing. Hope you all have a great week and to anyone that reads this I love you very much! -J

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