"Stage Health," Getting The Flu & Fan Remedies.

We've been playing music together for almost 10 years so we've seen each other throw up a few times.

There's this thing that performers have in the back of there head when we feel like we might be getting sick. It's called "Stage Health." It's basically like a countdown clock on a bomb. We know exactly how much time we need sometimes down to the minute. We stock up on all the weird pain and cold medicines we can hardly pronounce and our bodies give us the exact amount of adrenaline needed to play the show... and then we'll be worthless until we recover a few days later. Patton Oswalt describes this perfectly in his bit "The Worst Show I've Ever Done." You can watch it below.


We've had plenty of situations like this and we've been lucky enough to only have to cancel a handful of shows since we've started playing music together.  Unfortunately, last week was one of those handfuls. "The Stage Health Counter" usually only works if you're already in the town where you're performing and you feel the initial wave rush over you. We were a 4 hour drive from the next venue and we knew we had to cancel. For your reading pleasure, here's how it went down in script form.


J's Got The Flu

J: "So... I'm sick..."

Kyle: "Like, 'I have a cold', sick or 'I've been throwing up all night and should have told you earlier,' sick?"

J: "The second one."

Kyle: "Jesus!"

J: "Engh... Stage Health?"

Kyle: "Do you think you can kick it in four hours with a shitty nap in the van and more Dayquill than it says to take on the bottle?"

J: "Uh... ..."

Kyle: "Which we can totally do but honestly, you look terrible...  Is it getting better or worse than when it first came on?"

J: "Oh dude! Like... WAY worse..."

Kyle: "I put a gun to your head and say you have to play a two and a half hour show tonight. What's your initial response?"

J: "Throwing up and hiding in a corner."

Kyle: "Yeah.. I'm gonna call the venue."


Kyle emailed the agent, called the venue and DM'd the headlining band.

Everyone was very understanding. We're very fortunate to work with some really awesome people! We made the dreaded "We hate to do this" posts on social media but were overwhelmed with your comments, support and personal flu remedies. Here are just a few things y'all said.

We love you all so much! J is doing a lot better and we're ready to get back on the road this Valentine's Day. You can check out the rest of our Winter Tour Dates on our Tour Calendar Page HERE. Do you have any flu remedies that do the trick? Please let us know in the comments section below! 




All photos by Roshambeaux.
Additional photo credits for this entry: The CDC "The Flu 1920"

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