Spring Dates, Recording New Songs & Why CBD Might Become Illegal In GA.

Spring Tour Dates Announced!

We still have a few dates left on our Winter Tour but we're really excited to announce our set of dates for Spring! You can get more details about each show on our Tour Dates Page HERE. We can't wait to see you!

In The Studio.

We got to spend a lot of time in the studio this past week. We love being on the road but it's really great taking time off to work on new music. This week it was mostly vocals and drums. We got a really cool mic on loan from The Maelstrom. Thanks y'all! We can't wait for you to hear what we did with it. Right now, we're planning on releasing another single sometime in April. If you're not already on the mailing list you can sign up HERE.

We'll fill you in on more details. We're really excited! We have a few other songs recorded and a few more that are ready to track in the coming weeks. We have a bunch of plans for releasing all new kinds of content this year. It can feel a little overwhelming but we find making checklists and staying hydrated helps a lot.


Georgia and Weed.

Right now, legislation (House Bill 847) is pending that will criminalize the possession and transportation of hemp flower in Georgia. Last year Georgia legalized hemp and hemp derived products as long as the product is below 0.3% THC (the part of weed that gets you "high"). In short, you can buy weed in Georgia as long as its not really strong. Because of this legalization Georgia residents now have access to a vast array of high quality, regulated and tested CBD (the part of the plant that doesn't get you "high" but has other medicinal value) products. CBD is Federally legal and subsequently is legal in most States.

Basically, the State is now effectively saying that they don't want to train law enforcement to be able to tell the difference so we need to criminalize a Federally legal plant. The bill is vague. It suggests that being in possession of ANY leafy green substance is subject to a criminal charge. What if you buy fresh basil at the grocery store? We're not sure and that makes us nervous. 

We feel like not only is this bill a HUGE step in the wrong direction for Cannabis Law but it's also lazy and a slippery slope. If we're unwilling to aid law enforcement in knowing the difference where will it lead? For every CBD product in Georgia there is a THC product in Colorado. Do we criminalize CBD products too? What about vitamins gummies and brownies, lol?

If you live in Georgia and think this is stupid idea you can do something about it and it's easy.

NORML has a pre-wriiten letter that you can send to your specific representative. AND if you don't remember who you're representatives are, they'll look it up for you and send it to them for free. It's ridiculous how our representatives seem to make it harder and harder to have the public get a hold of them and this is a great work around. So, if you live in Georgia and are or know someone who finds relief with CBD or hemp products. Click HERE. And tell our law makers to oppose Georgia HB 847. It takes 15 seconds (or 4 if you have 5G).

Shout out to Alpine Dispensarfor bringing us up to speed. Check them out! 






All photos by Roshambeaux
Additional photo credit: Alpine Dispensary, Helen, GA

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