Snowstorms, Beaches, Blown Hoses & The Most Followers We've Got All In A Week's Tour

If an agent did this to us we'd slap them but this is actually Kyle's fault!

"You guys are going from Altoona, PA to Tampa FL? That's at least two days on the road right?

"Well, yeah but we have two days off so it works out."

It's gonna be a crazy last stretch of our Fall Tour but we have 3 more shows to go before we take a long break from the road. You can check out where we'll be on our Tour Dates Page. We had a blast in Ohio and Pennsylvania last week! We drove through our first "White Out" as a band and have gotten more followers in the past four days than we've gotten this whole Fall Tour! It's really cool and humbling to see things take off in new ways. We can't wait to see what 2020 has in store! Touring up North in December is ill-advised by pretty much everyone we've met in the music industry but we met some really awesome people this week and we're glad we didn't wait for warmer weather for a chance to hang out with y'all. We'll see you soon!

Road Trouble

On our way south from Altoona on Sunday we noticed the van was overheating somewhere near Edinburg, VA. We pulled off at the next exit, popped the hood and took a look. We could see antifreeze pooling up under the van but it was a little hard to tell exactly where it was coming from. It wasn't from the radiator, upper or lower hose. Maybe the water pump? Which would suck, 500 miles from home... on a Sunday. The leak eventually stopped with a decent amount of liquid still left in the system. After starting it up again we noticed  a steady stream aimed directly at the alternator intensifying when hitting the gas. "That just CAN'T be good for the alternator." We found the culprit was a small hole in a bypass hose behind, well, a lot of stuff. We called AAA and got a tow to an Advanced Auto a few miles down the road. Our driver was hilarious. It seemed like we had to take half of the van a part in the parking lot to get to the hose but the guys at the part store let us borrow a few tools and we we're back on the road in just a few hours (and J thought he wouldn't use his Automotive degree playing music). Here's a few photos but you can check out more on our Instagram Page.

This week is our last week on the road until our Winter 2020 Tour begins on January 9th! We had so much fun this tour. Thanks to everybody that caught a show! We'll do a recap next week so be sure to check the blog. We have a few songs we've been humming in the van and we're gonna take the opportunity to hit the studio over the break. We hope y'all are around people you love during the winter Holidays. That's where we'll be!


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