Roshambeaux: Writing Music (with two people).

(Throwback to recording "Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes" at The Maelstrom Studio)

A lot of people ask us if we're working on a full length new album and the truth is we always are. Even with our last album we had a few songs that we decided to save for a different project. We're always writing but it's a lot different from how we always imagined bands write albums.

Fall's almost here and we've noticed this is typically the time of year we put extra focus on songwriting. We're not really sure why. It might be a left over "Store-House" effect from our ancestors that needed to rack up on supplies before winter or maybe it's just a time to cool down and catch our breaths from a long hot summer. In any regard, we've been hitting the studio with brand new material a lot these past few weeks. We don't really have a cut and dry method to our process. It varies depending on the song. However, it usually starts with one of us having a very simple idea that sounds nothing like a song. So here's a few examples of what we've done in the past.


A lot of our songs come about with one of us scatting something that won't get out of our heads. Usually if there are any lyrics, they don't end up in the final cut. This is how "Hunting Grounds" was written. We were sitting in J's kitchen and J kept mumbling this riff to himself. "Hey, what if we made that a guitar riff in something?" Kyle picked up a guitar and followed along through the typical "No, it's more like this" and "Yeah, do that again." 

The next week Kyle came back with a notebook with just a few lines for a verse as we hit the road for the next stretch of the tour. We finished the lyrics late one night in our hotel room each throwing out lines. "Oh, ok and after that how about this?' We even kept the Na-na-na's in the song! You can listen to it HERE

Setting A "Scene"

A lot of times our songs aren't really inspired by anything musical. Sometimes it's just a feeling we can't shake whether it's a frustration or feeling really good for no apparent reason. One of us will say "It feels like I'm in this room, with these types of people etc." The other person might say, "Oh yeah? What's the girl in the back corner of the room wearing?" or "What color is the ceiling?" A lot of our songs come from painting a visual picture of a location, object or person and describing them. "Turn The Lights Up, " was written this way, so was "Got It."

Waking up with Lyrics

Every once in a while it seems like we're just given a song or at least part of a song in our sleep. With our song, "Neighbors" we released as a single earlier in 2020. J had been saying he had this idea for a song where the chorus went, "We don't care what the neighbors say." It went on for a few weeks. J would ask Kyle, "Hey man, do you have any ideas for that idea?"... "Not really, man. Every time I try I just come up with crap." A little more time went by, "Hey man, I can't get that thing outta my head. Any luck?" ... Same story.

Than one morning Kyle messaged J, "Hey lets get in the studio, I think I got a verse. I was literally dreaming and singing and woke up and wrote this down before I lost my twilight brain." We met up, left the 1st verse verbatim, wrote the second verse together (with some na-na-na-ing and scene setting), tightened up our ideas for the chorus and laid a few tracks down.

Leaving Room

There's a lot of other ways we right songs. Sometimes one of us might even have an entire song with all the music and lyrics ready for tracking but we make sure we leave room for the other person. The rule usually is: if you're the one playing it, you have final say the details of the part. That being said, sometimes J writes guitar parts and sometimes Kyle writes drum parts. We know the other person is there to lean on if we're having trouble and we trust the other person's ear enough to know that they'll take an idea we came up with and make it even better. We usually don't argue too much about things. If one person feels really strongly about a particular choice the other one typically doesn't. We'll say stuff like, "I could get on board as long as you're 100% that's right." or "I think this is why it won't work right there. Let's put it here instead." We feel like it's important to help each other create balance and if something doesn't work the other person is there to help make it fit.


Vlogcast is Back Tonight!

We've taking a few weeks off from streaming but we'll be back in full force tonight at 8:30/est! We've upgraded our camera and lighting and we think the set looks incredible! We had fun experimenting with moving the live Vlogcast to YouTube but we're going to move the broadcast back to Facebook for the time being. However, after each episode airs you'll be able to rewatch them on YouTube. Tonight, we'll get into our writing creative process in a little more detail and tell you about the new stuff we've been recording in the studio. We'll also be answering any questions you have about it so be sure to tune in and get in the chat. We absolutely love talking with y'all! As always, the Vlogcast isn't all about us so if you want to chat with us about your ideas, life or struggles hit us up! We love it when you do!

Special Thanks To Our Patrons!

As independent artists you can imagine it's not the most lucrative job in the world. So, if you enjoy what we do and it has value to you please consider donating just $1 per month to us on Patreon. It really helps. There's multiple tiers and our $5 per month subscribers get a special request cover music video made just for them every month. There's even a tier to get your own private living room performance every month! Thanks to every one that's already participating:

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You are helping us continue to create music even though we're not able to be on the road this year due to Covid 19 and also helping us find new ways to reach more people online in ways we never would have thought of. Thanks for supporting us and showing you enjoy what we do. It means the world!

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  • Steve Bishop
    Steve Bishop Watkinsville
    Hate that I have to miss out tonight. 4:00 comes awful early

    Hate that I have to miss out tonight. 4:00 comes awful early

  • RoshambeauX
    Aw, man we feel you! Kyle used to work opening shift at a gym. And he never took a nap at work.... hardly ever.

    Aw, man we feel you! Kyle used to work opening shift at a gym. And he never took a nap at work.... hardly ever.

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