Roshambeaux's New Original Christmas Jingle

Hey RoshamFAM!

We hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! We sure do miss all of you. We know that although this time of year is supposed to bring joy, it can often bring winter depression along with it. That lack of natural vitamin D from hanging outside in the warm sun can take its toll. Eat green things that grow in the ground, take a D supplement and most importantly, listen to this silly song we made to help lift your spirits!

A Very Merry Christmas... (In Your Pants)

We wrote this song a few years ago, and if you've seen us live in the past around the holidays you may have heard us perform it with just drums and piano. Since we've been given all this extra time this year we decided it was a good year to give the song a little production. We always loved those swingy Christmas Jingles that Brian Setzer and Harry Connick Jr would do, so we thought we'd try our own version. It's definitely not our comfortable genre but it was a lot of fun diving into some old records for research purposes, analyzing brass harmonies and classic swing guitar licks.

How To Get The Song

Right now, the song is available for free to our Patrons on Patreon, but also on our music store at for just a dollar and also is available for free with any purchase from our apparel store at 

New Christmas Merch!


To go with the new song, we designed our own version of the classic "ugly sweater." We think it's the sexiest ugly sweater out there so go ahead and pick one up so you'll have it in time for Christmas photos (but you can wear it all winter).


What's Up With J...

After finishing up editing our new Christmas single short I've also finished the Master for it just in time. Hope you guys enjoy this one. It's super corny and I think Kyle did a great job on it. Now it's time for me to shift back focus. I've also finished our brand new music video for our new unreleased track "Criminal" just have to decide if I'm done with the mix and master on it. That one should be out soon as well. Just waiting to set our release date. If you're on the patreon you'll be experiencing it all soon!  
Besides that I've just beat Age Of Calamity it was a super fun game. I really enjoyed the story and am curious if it's gonna have anything to do with the Breathe Of The Wild sequel due out next year. I'm probably gonna replay Breathe Of The Wild in the mean time while I wait The rest of this week I plan to finish up on masters for a project Kyle recently recorded for his family and and try to layout the ground work so we can finish up on our new album due to release next year. Gonna try and get some good writing time in.

What's Up With Kyle...

In addition to prepping the art for our Christmas song, I had the opportunity to do an on location recording for some folk singers from North East GA last week. I have a secret love for folk/Appalachian music so it was a very refreshing project to capture. There's just a raw honesty to that style of music that I really appreciate. I forgot just how much fun it is to record other artists. A lot of times it's challenging recording your own songs having to play producer, engineer and artist at the same time. I know J feels the same way but I think we're able to balance it all pretty well together. Being able to step back and only focus on recording definitely reminded me why I wanted to be in the music business as a kid. I think I've Googled "How to ___ a banjo," in the recording process 100 times this week but I think it's coming along well! I have the mixes about done and are gonna send them over to J for a review and mastering.

Special Thanks!

We are so grateful for our supporters on Patreon! Being independent artists, as you can imagine, isn't always the most lucrative job but it's so rewarding to have the opportunity to brighten people's day, encourage and provoke thought through music. We couldn't do it without the generous contributions of our supporters. So, we know it's awkward to ask but if you enjoy what we do and find some value in it, consider donating even just $1 a month on Patreon. It goes a really long way and you'll be able to have a backstage pass and become part of the creation process along with us.



Special thanks to our patrons: Nancy B, Steve B, Renee T, Rachel E & Nadia M! As well as our non Patreon monthly donor Jeff C! Y'all are awesome!

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