New (Cover) Songs, Ghost Hunting & Spooky Vibes!

October's Secret Cover Song Testify by Rage Against The Machine

This week we released another live cover video for all of our "High Fivers" on Patreon, where we take requests to learn a new song and perform it live for you every month. We are huge fans of Rage Against The Machine! When we saw this one in the running we got pretty excited...but also a bit intimidated. We usually always twist around our covers and try something completely different than the original. With this one we wanted to stay true. But we did decide to do our own spin on the solo and with the beat in the verse....the layers in sound etc....we also just cant help Thank you so much Rachel for requesting this one! We had a lot of fun making it! Here's a few pics from the session.

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Ghost Hunting

With the help of our subscribers on Patreon we've recently been able to upgrade our camera for shooting music videos, vlogs and live content. With new gear comes new challenges and learning curves so J has been diving deep into how everything works. One way he has been testing is he has been adventuring to historic cemeteries this month to capture some pretty cool photos. Trying to learn how to properly balance aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. He's had fun discovering all the history and honoring the dead in his own way. With one new Music video under our belt with the new gear we are already starting to begin story boarding the next one. We can't wait to tell you about it. J will fill you in about some of the spooky backstories on some of these shots from the cemeteries tonight on Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast on YouTube. So be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm/est. We might even share some Ghost stories of our own. We'd love to hear your spooky stories!




Spooky Vibes!

We love Halloween! We know this year's festivities might be a little awkward, or at least not what we're used to but we hope whatever you plan to do, you can be around people you love (or at least, tolerate). Wherever you are, remember that we love you, miss you and hope we can make you smile. We made a silly little version of the Classic Halloween tune "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. We'd be absolutely honored if you made it a part of your 2020 Halloween background music whether you're having a social distance costume party or eating waaaay to much candy on the couch watching scary movies.

Click this link to get your FREE copy:

Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast E21 Tonight!

Tune in tonight, Wednesday 10/21/20 on YouTube at 8pm/est for E21 of our weekly live podcast (or vlogcast if you will). We'll be talking about J's ghost hunting adventure and other spooky things so be sure to tune in and get in the chat. We love it when you do!

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Last week we released a new music video for our original song, "Maybe I Don't Have To." If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out you can watch it on our YouTube Channel HERE. Don't forget to subscribe and share it with your friends. It really helps us reach new people. It was a lot of fun making it but at times, it was stressful. We had our ideas of what we thought it would turn out to be but through filming it we realized it's a story of this weird life during strange times and trying to insist on staying positive, being there for one another, remembering to not be so uptight due to the stress of it all, and allow yourself to enjoy the moment. It hits us in a very real and personal way. We hope it does for you too.

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