Music That Comes From Being Sick and Getting Well.

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Last Week...

Last week we released a new performance video of Prince's Purple Rain, requested by our friends on Patreon. You can watch the trailer below but if you'd like to watch the full video you can unlock it on Patreon HERE.

This week...

This week, we're still hunkering down on tracks for the new album and preparing for performance video for the end of the month. We're also working on a special remix of one of our songs off our last album, "After Math." Life seems to be a cycle of being sick and getting well and we think that inspires good music.

What's Up With Kyle...

I've been fighting off a cold. I think I'm just about over it but I think I'm gonna hold off on doing any vocal tracks for the next few days. On second thought: maybe it'll be like that old episode of "Friends" where Phoebe gets a cold and makes more tips at the coffeehouse because the stuffy nose makes her sound sexier? Do y'all remember that?

Being under the weather, reminds of a time when we first started Roshambeaux. When we'd first gotten together, we'd fallen in to some good steady gigs right off the bat and decided to release an album as soon as possible. At the time and even still today, I'd gotten in the habit of recording "prelims" on my own before presenting the idea of a song to someone else. It was a way of solidifying my parts but sometimes I'd include other parts in the arrangement (bass, drums, synth etc) just to frame the vibe I had at the time. This was back in MySpace days so a lot of those prelims, I'd post there with hopes of finishing them with a band when the opportunity presented itself.

So, with recording our first project we took a few of those "Myspace prelims" and reworked them for a band. I'd never gotten the flu before but I remember about right in the middle of recording the project getting it pretty bad. I remember laying in bed in my apartment just wanting to feel normal and not throw up. I decided that I'd grab my acoustic guitar and my home recording gear (at the time the Mbox 2 with Protools 8 LE) and try to distract myself. I told myself, "It's gonna sound terrible and it's OK." It was just to get some ideas down for the real version we'd tackle once I could keep stuff down.

That prelim ended up turning into "Like The Morning." I'll try to dig up that old recording this week and If I can find it I'll post it up on Patreon. Our first version of "Like The Morning," was off our album "Gaudy Monstrosity." That album isn't available right now but we did a live unplugged EP last year called, "Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes" with just guitar and cajon that has a version of the song if you'd like to hear it. I'll post a link below. I hope y'all are having a great week! Stay well but if you can't use it for something. Sometimes being unwell creates good things if you embrace it.


Listen to Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes


What's Up With J...

So, I have finally received my CPAP this week. I have slept awesome the past 2 nights. I'm so excited to finally have this guy to help me get good sleep while continuing to work on my personal health. I finished my one week one meal a day goal and think I'm just gonna keep it going. I'm starting to feel so much better than I have in months. I've also kept up my daily walks. When it rains I've been doing my exercise bike. Honestly, I definitely prefer the walking. It really helps to clear the head, process stress, and work through new ideas. I haven't yet begun a meditation routine. I keep putting it off.....not sure why. I may just have to work it into my morning routine somehow. I've been meaning to set up a personal altar and safe spiritual space. Maybe I should start with that and it might give me the inspiration I need? If any of you that practice meditation have any tips or inspirational words I'd love to hear them. Besides all that, I've been head down doing paper work trying to prepare our business taxes for last year. Walking through all the numbers is like walking back through time with the abrupt stop that hit us last March and on and how January and February we had no idea what was coming. Revisiting some of those feelings and emotions have made me feel sad and yet grateful. I'm truly thankful to say we have tried to make the best of the shit sandwich that was served to us cold on a dirty napkin. I've been able to reflect on all the great projects we have been able to take on that otherwise we wouldn't have had time for. I'm also grateful for all the Fam that have stuck by our side and continued to support what we do. In this past year all of us have experienced so much loss and continue to take on more and I'm so glad that you allow us to be there for one another. Each and every one of you mean a lot to me. Your stories, your shared hope, and love have really kept us going. I'm back at it this week working on our new record. We have been reworking some of the tracks to get them up to par with what we've recently added to the collection. I truly believe this is gonna be the best record I've ever been involved with and I can't wait to share it with you. Not gonna lie I still get emotional listening to some of the songs. We've really laid our hearts on the table with this one. Until next anyone who reads this, I love you very much.



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