Finding Peace & Letting Music Come First

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We got a brand new sign up on Exclusive Access this week! Welcome Missy T! Thank you so much for joining the team this month! It really helps us to keep making music. You rock!!!

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This Week...

This week we're finishing up our parts for this month's performance video. Every month we take requests from our monthly supporters on Patreon & Exclusive Access and produce a performance video based off of those requests. We've gotten a lot of crazy ideas from all of you and we're excited to work on this month's video. We're planning on shooting it later this week. So, if you're not on the mailing list hit that button above and we'll let you know when it's done!

What's Up With J...

This week has, like most, brought on its own set of challenges. This is week 2 of one meal a day and daily walks and I'm glad to say I've finally set up my personal altar space and have started practicing daily meditation as well. I finally came to understand the necessity of it. Being who I am, I have a real bad habit of letting other energies outside of myself control how I feel. Even though it's good to empathize with those we care about, it's even more important to keep ourselves grounded in a self confident manner knowing that we are doing the best we can and in that, not being blind to positive change for ourselves when needed. It's important that we as individuals stay strong on our paths towards bettering ourselves and not let outside forces make us question it. It's that trust in myself that I'm continuing to work on, being the crux of it all. I reached out to a good friend this week to actually talk some things out and I am so grateful they were willing to listen and not judge. It meant the world to me. I feel a lot of us forget sometimes that we also need to trust that others will be there for us . It's easy to forget when, as individuals, we can be so hard on ourselves and think everyone else will be too. Thankfully this isn't the case.

Besides all this introspective mumbo I'm wrapping up on all the my parts and arrangements for our next cover video. I'm really excited about this one. Kyle really wasn't a fan of this bands music and honestly never was I. I definitely had respect for their role in inspiring some of my favorite artists but personally never was my cup of tea. I'm so happy with the spin we are putting on this one. Really combining Kyle's ideas with mine to make something really special. We are hoping to shoot the video later this week and have it posted on Patreon as soon as we get it all wrapped, edited etc. We hope you look forward to it. We also finished putting together a very special remix track of "2 Tha Rhythm" for one of our good friends on Patreon. Our hearts go out to you girl. We love and appreciate you very much. As always to anyone who reads this I love you very much and would love to hear about any personal struggles you might be working though. Stay strong my friends. -J

What's Up With Kyle...

I've been finding a lot of peace playing music this week. I know that might sound funny but as I've said before, a lot of being a full time musician can seem like it has absolutely nothing to do with playing music most of the time. When we were on the road, we'd joke with venue managers and tell them, "We're gonna do the show for free tonight. You just have to pay us to set up and tear down!"

There's a lot of that when it comes to being a musician. It's not just the first few hours before the venue opens and the last few hours after it closes. The week can pile up set up. I've been struggling with that concept quite a bit over the last year. Being on the road meant that all that set up lead to playing music for people all week: Not just telling people about it, trying to sell t shirts or trying to come up with ways to get your attention on your busy news feed so you can watch a video and hope you like it.

I've had a lot of tracks I've gotten to work on and record this week to get over to J for mixing. Because we're an electronic act, a lot of the recording doesn't require making a lot of loud noises to capture the sound. However, I REALLY like how a dirty guitar riff sounds through a 15" speaker so I couldn't help but do things the old fashioned way, miking up an amp this week. I was reminded this week to let the music come first and the "figuring out stuff" can come later. The events of the past year have made a lot of musicians feel like they're spinning their wheels. Truth be told, a lot of us are. A lot of us aren't sure what to do. I'd just like to say that music itself, really does help. I hope it helps you too.



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