Last Minute Additions & When You Know Someone You Don't Know.

We had a blast last week in Carrollton, GA! Thanks for coming out! It would have been awkward without you. If you haven't gotten a chance to see a show at The Carrollton Forum you should check out their calendar and catch a show. We've put a lot into developing our own production but what these guys have put together is insane and dwarfs ours by comparison. We hope to be back soon!

Last Minute Additions.

We announced our Spring Dates last week. If you haven't gotten a chance to see where we'll be heading you can on our Tour Dates Page HERE. We're really excited about what's coming up! We're happy to announce that we added a last minute date for this Thursday in Clemson, SC. Check out our Tour Dates Page for details.

If you've had trouble keeping up with our Tour Dates there are a few ways to keep it easy and not have to worry about getting spammed or having to wade through our social media (although if you want those links we made a cozy Social Directory Page HERE). One way is to sign our mailing list. It's on almost every page of our website but it's the first thing on our Home Page: . You'll get direct access to this blog each week sent right to your email and we'll also let you know when a show is coming up in your area. Another cool way is through the App "Bands-In-Town." It's available on Google Play and The App Store and it's a must have to stay in the loop for everything to Major Festivals and Concerts to keeping up with your local music scene. You'll never find out that band you like was in town last week if you have it. If you like going out to see live music you definitely should have it on your phone. Just be sure to follow us on there too since we told you about it :)

Nice To Finally Meet You!

We had a really cool experience meeting a fan at last Saturday's show. Which honestly, if we can break the 4th for a moment, feels really weird to say. We don't feel like the type of people that have "fans." We make music at our houses and record what we come up with really late at night and feel lucky that people want to hear it. If there's ever a crowd, no matter the size, we don't feel like we should stay strangers. We need a better word for y'all. Let us know if you think of something that sounds right.

Anyway, we got to meet someone who's had a CD of ours in their car for awhile now and had never been out to a show. We know that's probably not a big deal to most top 40 artists but it was nothing short of humbling hearing someone say, "It's nice to finally meet you!" He explained that he borrowed Illuminaughty from a friend a few years ago and when he saw we had a show coming up in his hometown he bought two tickets. We didn't want to look like dorks but it took a lot to not freak out and jump up and down and scream "It's nice to finally meet you too! You're why we play music!" We'd probably play music anyway but it's not the same if it's not for somebody else. Who knew one of the coolest moments we've had after a show came from someone borrowing a CD?

We have a few CD's of our first album in stock. Click the image above to view in our shop.


We were reminded that all of our actions no matter how small are sacrifices and if those sacrifices are not for someone else they mean nothing. See you soon!





All photos by Roshambeaux

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