Is it Responsible For Bands to Live Stream During "Shelter in Place?"

Only Under Specific Conditions...

We originally had this live stream planned two weeks ago. Georgia originally put in place a "Shelter in Place" order from April 3-13 and has since extended it. Being unsure of what that meant for producing content we decided to hunker down and suspend any studio work that required us to leave our houses until we got more information. Since the order has been extended for another month, we looked over the rules for Georgia businesses and how to maintain minimum operations. We've concluded that we can safely and responsibly provide live streams under the current Shelter in Place regulations because we can reasonably maintain the recommended social distancing requirements for businesses to maintain minimum operations to provide services and stay viable. If you're a GA business owner or just curious and haven't had a chance to read over the order you can HERE.

If that sounds confusing (and yes, we had to read it 6 or 7 times) we're able to provide a live stream this week because our studio is big enough for two people to keep 6 feet apart at all times, is not inside someone's house and is not open to the public. We've rescheduled our Full Show Quarenstream for this FRI 4/17/20 from 5pm-7pm and will be available to watch live on Facebook. You can follow our Facebook Page HERE so you'll be ready to tune in. The last one was SO much fun and we can't wait to hang out, have a drink and play some songs for you!

New Acoustic Live EP

Last week we released our first ever acoustic live EP called "Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes Vol 1." If you haven't had a chance to check it out you can HERE.
We're a little blown away at how it's been received. We've been so used to making electronic music we were worried if we still had the chops to make an unplugged, live, single take per song project. As far as sales go, it's easily the fastest selling thing we've released to date. We're considering recording another volume. Let us know what you think? Maybe we'll become an acoustic duo... hahahaha... nah... but maybe.

Musicians That Can't Tour

We've had a few people give us reasons to not be career musicians over the years but "What if there's a world-wide pandemic that shuts down the live entertainment industry" was not one of them. You've shown us that not even that is a really good reason to give up. It's surreal. Being a musician in general means you're one email, show cancellation or bad review away from a debilitating panic attack. The fact that we've been able to press on through this absolute dumpster fire has little to do with us and everything to do with you. We have to adapt how we perform and release music because we have no idea when touring will resume and if it will still be the same when it does.

We don't think that this is necessarily true but it does show us that in an industry that is constantly changing and demanding evolution (when was the last time you bought a cassette tape un-ironically?) we'll be met with the challenges of growth for the better. During this time we've had to imagine a world where musicians can survive without a physical tour. You've shown us that it's possible when people support you and put value in what you do. As a result we've found new ways of creating content and staying connected. In addition to the live stream this week here's a list of this week's exclusive content for our supporters. Our goal is to keep this updated and fresh. We have a few new ideas for our next donation tier set but we'll be looking for your input and suggestions going forward so it stays valuable to you and people we meet in the future.

Thanks So Much To Our New Supporters This Week!

William H, Francis B, Robin L, Daniel S, Momentum of Today, David N, Rachel E, Steve B, Nick R, Savannah G, New Baby Connor W, Rebekah F, Marilyn V, Andrew W & Cheryl H!

Y'all are awesome! Thank you so much for your donations! We couldn't continue to make music without you!
See you Friday! BYOB

Note: Normally, "Shout Outs" are included in The VLOG as well. We've suspended shooting our YouTube VLOG until we're able to logistically capture audio and video while maintaining social distancing regulations. Let us know if you have any suggestions!


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