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What's Up With J...

This week, it took everything I had to go. I went on a 3 mile hike at a place called Duke's Creek. Before I got in the car I must have paced for at least an hour trying not to let the anxiety win (It's to cold, it's too far, what if you can't make it, etc). Finally, I got in the car and of course, on the way realized, I had no cash to pay the parking So, I turned around, grabbed it and continued on my way, nervous the whole way there, still battling all the "What ifs." As soon as we arrived I felt a sudden calm.

It was overcast, cold and supposed to rain in a few hours but just being there instantly gave me some sort of calm. It's easy to forget how nature can have that effect on us. Right at the trail head, there was an overlook where you could see a huge water fall way off in the distance. I automatically thought that it must be a different one than the one we were going to. It seemed so far away. Continuing down the trail, there were signs of beauty and some of distress, some new growth and some decay. Once we reached the bottom, I soon realized this was the same waterfall we'd seen from the trail head. It was absolutely beautiful.

The sound of the falls washed over me giving me a sense of accomplishment. I did it. I took some time to take it all in and started making my way back up. On my way, I soon started to reflect how this hike was a lot like life (stay with me for a It seems impossible at times. Sometimes the goals we set seem so far out of reach. We experience ups and downs. We see death and new life. It's all about staying on the path, continuing to go and taking time to rest when you need it.

This trip really meant a lot to me. I'm hoping to do more hikes in the near future. You should too. Stay strong my friends and if you're reading this I love you very much. Ps. I'm working on the new Patreon cover. It will be out soon. Just taking a little longer than the others. It's gonna be killer! We will keep you posted.



What's Up With Kyle...

I'm really excited with how this next performance video is turning out! J is in the studio putting the footage together. I'm super proud of how he's able to take raw footage and make it art. When we were shooting we talked a lot about the pressure we put on ourselves that can turn into stress if we're not careful. We were reminded that you have to do your best today and rely on the work you did yesterday to make your "best, better." Life stacks up on itself and while that can be daunting, it can be a really good thing too. Yesterday made today, just like today makes tomorrow.

Last week I mentioned I was finally (thinking about) getting around to restoring a few furniture pieces around the house. I wasn't quite sure what I was going for but I knew I wanted to at least get rid of the scratches, dings  and "toddler art."

After I finished sanding and buffed out the dents and dings, it was time to decide how to finish them. I thought about a few different options with deep darker stains or paints like what was covering the tables before. I thought, "I should make them 'go' with the rest of the things in our house." As I was making a mental list of what to pick up at the hardware store my wife came out and said, "That looks good, babe. I think all you have to do is try to make it stay that way."

I was hesitant at first. "No, It should match the couch... It won't look finished... blah blah blah." After awhile I started to realize that I've been saying those same types of things about myself for a long time. "I need to fit in... every one else does things this way... I don't want people to see what's underneath... blah blah blah." After awhile of just looking at them I realized I like them the way that they are. They didn't need to be covered up or changed. They just needed to be taken care of. So, we got some mineral oil and polyurethane to treat the wood and seal them up.

I was reminded that it's ok to let people see you for who you are not some factory "off the line" version of yourself or what you think your friends expect. It's ok to not like things about yourself and want to change but the best version of that change is finding better ways to take care of yourself not covering yourself with other people's expectations. Be you. Let people see it. You're beautiful!



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