How We Got The Van and Working with Other Artists

It's funny, it seems like if you think about something long enough it seems to just show up.

At the time we were touring in J's Jeep Cherokee pulling a 5x8 trailer and we'd about gotten just about all we could out of the vehicle. Jeeps with straight 6's are great but there's no way they're made for what we put it through. We were on the road in between shows when we came up on an old church with two Ford Club Wagons parked out front with bright orange "For Sale" signs hanging in the windows. We drove passed a little ways not thinking too much of it when one of us said, "Do you think all this gear weighs about as much as 15 old ladies on their way to a prayer meeting?"

"Dude, we should turn around."
At least just to look. We knew the Jeep only had so long before it gave up. We pulled in and took a look at them. "The white one is in rough shape but this silver one looks brand new." We took some measurements and the phone number. "We can come back out this way next week if it pans out."

We called the church and the Reverend explained that the Good Lord said the choir needed new robes, the pews needed reupholstering and selling a van or two would would be just enough to get it done.

It needed a few repairs but it was exactly what we needed. We assured the Reverend we wouldn't use it to play "that Devil's Music." He laughed and smiled. "Just not on Sundays."

We took it to the shop, gave it a tune up, brakes, new tires, a new battery and a tougher radiator and we had our first "Business Vehicle." It seemed to validate what we were doing. Before the Jeep we packed everything we could in a Buick Station Wagon (yes, the one with the faux wood). It was one of those little things that made us feel like career musicians and not a "local garage band." It's been really good to us over the years. We've seen a lot of the country in it, written a lot of songs in it and spent long nights thinking about where our place is in this crazy ass world. We are so grateful for her. She's changed our lives. She's the unsung hero of the road. If the day ever comes, it'll be hard to let her go... Besides everything in it is basically new at this point, lol.

Working With Other Artists.

We love making art and it's really cool to see other people make it as well. Last week Steven from Silent Professional Photography took some really cool shots of our show at The Loft in Columbus GA. You definitely need to check out his work. It will make you smile and smiling is good for you. You can check out more of his work on Instagram HERE. Give him a follow!


    IG: @silentprofessional_photos


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