How Do You Deal With Anxiety?


We've been diving into our own anxiety this week. This week's blog may be a little dark and heavy compared to some of our others, so if you just need some happier vibes right now go check out our other entries HERE. Otherwise, here's what we've been discovering in our own heads.

What is Anxiety?

Depending on where we looked, it seemed like there were a lot of different answers to what anxiety actually is (which doesn't help, lol). We think it's because it's hard to sum it up as just one thing. The AADA says there are 8 different kinds of anxiety disorders and it affects about 18% of our population. There's a wide range of how and why it affects people and to add insult to injury it's effects are usually along side an entire list of physical disorders from eating disorders, headaches, IBS to chronic back pain. We'll dive in a little more on our live vlogcast tonight (8/12/20) at 8pm but we encourage you to take a look at the ADAA's Facts & Statistics Page.

A lot of times when we look something up in the dictionary it feels like the denotation doesn't match  our connotation, meaning "It just doesn't describe how it makes us feel." The American Heritage Dictionary says that anxiety is, "A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties," and to be "Eager, often agitated with desire." To us, both of these statements used in conjunction sums up how anxiety feels.

"I want to do this so bad but I just... can't."

It's awful feeling this way. As musicians, we often accept this state of being as normal. We call it "Stage Fright." You're so excited... You're so scared. It's like everything you want and need are on the other side of a brick wall and you have no idea how to climb it. You tell yourself you're being silly. Of course that brick wall is something you've just made up in your head. But it's like there's this voice that keep's saying, "It's real. You can't do this. You're going to fail." 

Because there are lots of different types of anxiety there isn't a one size fits all treatment. We can tell you what's worked for us in the past but if you feel like you need help with it, it's not a bad idea to tell your doctor about it. It's worth trying to understand what's getting in your way and how to overcome it.

1. We give ourselves a day.

It's so simple, yet it feels so hard to do. After all, if you take a day off aren't you being lazy? As ridiculous as that sounds that's often the reality of our mindset. What makes it almost tragic is that, if you don't let things rest you will get less things done and that alone can cause anxiety. Give your brain a break. Do something just for fun (even if it's taking a nap in a hammock). Joy is not meaningless. It's good for you. It's so much better to 'waste' a day with your friends or family than get 'caught up' if it's at the expense of your sense of well being.

In Roshambeaux, we both have days like that. Recording is like pulling teeth when that happens. We get all tense and weird. We make silly mistakes. And tell each other, "Yeah let's do another take... I'm ready to get this over with." We forget that you're doing something you love. It comes out in the take. The take sounds like it's anxious and you question your life. The result ends up in a "wasted day." What's always funny is that if we come back the next day fresh, we usually knock it out in one take.

2. Stop. Eating. Junk.

We know all about comfort food. We are not denying it's amazing. We think you're weird if you don't. However, it doesn't help with anxiety. It actually makes it worse. Anxiety is a tough battle all on its own but if you don't give your body what it needs to fight you not even giving yourself a chance. Eat green things that come out of the ground and eliminate as many steps from harvest to your mouth as possible. 

3. We Find something that helps us function.

Sometimes, we get nervous at the idea of taking things things habitually, even things like coffee. It plays into the "I need to do this on my own"  stubborn mentality. A lot of artists are like that. However we've found out if you don't take the first part of your day to make sure you feel good, you'll be struggling with it all day. There's a wide range of supplements and herbal remedies that we think work for us but we think it's equally important to find something fun to do that makes you sweat and loosen up. Even if you have "So much to do," take the time everyday to make sure you feel good, in a healthy way.


Talk It Out.

If you're dealing with anxiety, talk to someone about it. Just having someone there can make a huge difference. We all go through times where we need somebody to lean on. If you don't have anyone feel free to join us Wednesday night's for our live Vlogcast and become a part of our community. We're here for you. We also have a group on Facebook called RoshamFam, a safe place to talk about art, projects, ideas and life.



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