How Our Fans Helped Us Recover, Adapt & Survive Last Week! 


As you may already know we've cancelled at least 5 weeks of our Spring Tour to help flatten the curve of Covid-19. We had no idea what was going to happen and frankly we were pretty scared of loosing 90% of our in come for at least a month and possibly more. We knew that canceling a large section of our tour and the uncertainty of when we'd be able to return could possibly cripple our jobs indefinitely. We turned to you asking for donations and we're so excited to say that we recovered almost the exact amount of income for the first week of cancellations so far. We're blown away! We have a long way to go but your donations and encouragement give us hope that we'll all get through this together! Thank you so much!

Last Week's Contributors!

Here's our new contributors for this week...Thank you so much!

Steve B, Nancy B, Peyton S, Robin, L, Eva N, Colby W, Rachel E, Daniel K, Alicia R, Mary B, Toni V, Angela C, Alexis R, Coleen K, Mercedes H, John & Laura L, Sherry S, William H, Morgan J, Alexandra M, Robert D, Tina L, Shawn K, Duke S, David M, Alfonso B & Gena V!

So, If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it please consider donating $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more while we adapt the types of content we can provide for you during this quarantine and after. 


Covid-19 has hit the live entertainment industry really hard as most artist have cancelled their tours until further notice. We've also noticed in our community it's also hit the service industry especially hard too. It's really cool to see people coming together to support each other. A lot of local restaurants are offering delivery, curbside pick up, gift cards coupons, etc to stay in business. We're really proud of businesses that have closed down their normal operations and have adapted so the rest of us can still feel normal. It seems like it's more important now than ever to keep those things in our life.

For us and so many people this quarantine has been a little bit of a wake up call. We live in a fast pace digital world. Uber, Amazon, self check kiosks. People in general prefer having things done faster and online. We don't think that businesses need to adopt an entire new model to compete with bigger companies and automation but implementing services that adapt to how life is now, quarantine or not will definitely give us an edge in the competition and still maintain our soul.

We love making music for y'all! Although we've had to cancel our physical tour for the next month (and possibly more) through your donations last week we were able to continue to make music and conceptualize new ways to stay connected with you even though we can't physically be with you right now. We've gotten to work in the studio putting the finishing touches on a few new songs that we can't wait to release and developed a new weekly content program that in addition to the Van-Philosophy Blog will include a weekly VLOG and even a few live stream performances that we're excited to show you! Here's our first episode! We also have it as a podcast (player at bottom of this entry)!



We'll be streaming our first Free Virtual Concert and we feel it's only fitting to do it live and unplugged on our front porch (weather permitting) like true Georgia boys!  Make sure you tune in live FRI 3/27/20 at 7pm on our Facebook Page so you can participate, chat, request songs and have a drink with us (It's not like we'll be driving, lol). If you can't make it we'll have it available for you to stream anytime the following week.

Check out this beautiful 1964 Gibson B-25 on loan from a friend for our upcoming FB live stream!

This will be the first of many and we're excited to get creative and make each Virtual Concert with a unique tone and setting. With your continued support we hope to continue live streaming and virtual concerts even after the quarantine as we get ready to hit the road again with a storm (whenever that may be). We have a lot more planned for you over the next few months! Email us with suggestions! We'll give our contributors first dibs and then open it up to suggestions from Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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