4 Ways Musicians (Used To) Make Money & 4 Things They Have To Do Now.



How Musicians (Used To) Make Money

The time tested model of income (or potential income) for a musician at any level has been the same for 50 years whether it's a popular Top 40 charting artist or the guy playing for tips at a smoky bar to 4 people on the bad side of town. 

1. Concerts 60%

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As performers or entertainers it's easy to understand that the most money you'll make comes from, well... performing and entertaining. That's why most artists try to hit the road as soon as their new album is released. The idea that an artist can get a song on the radio and sit back and collect fat royalty checks until they write their next hit is a nice thought but it's at best an exaggeration. Even if that were the case (Here's looking at you Rembrandts!), imagine the direct difference just a few sold out arena shows, for even just, a week would mean for that artist. It's the same metric for the guy that gets one week of airplay on an am college station and makes $0.04 in royalties; He'd definitely make at least a few bucks busking on the street next to a local cafe. The bottom line is that any musician will make the most money actually playing for people.


2. Merch 25%

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If you've ever talked to an artist agent or artist manager you've probably heard the phrase, "Tees and Tours." Merchandise is that little extra that can make or break a successful tour. As we've said, lots of tour plans just plan to break even after agent fees, hotels, food, gas and advertisement so a lot of times the actual artist's paycheck can heavily rely on selling tee shirts after the show. We're not saying it's impossible to tour without merch and still make a living but  having a good stock of things that help people take the experience home with them makes a huge difference on whether or not being a musician is sustainable in the long run.


3. Licencing 10%

The next time you watch a show on Netflix try closing your eyes and to pay attention to how much music is in any given episode of your favorite show. Typically those shows entered an agreement with the musician. The deals range from flat initial buys to very small percentages of what the episode generates in the long run. There are plenty of artists that make a full time living off licensing but the model still stands. Artists will make a lot more playing that song for a crowd of people at a show. Sometimes just one show, two or three if you got a sweet deal.


4. Royalties 1-5%

Our Royalty Report (page 1) from May 2020

The word "royalties" is kind of laughable. The idea that that's what will make you live like the King of Spain is in just one word: WRONG. In the old days radio might pay an artist $0.03-05 (on the high end) per play. With the advent of streaming services that number has gone down to $0.00069 for basic subscribers and $0.00084 for paid subscribers. So if an artist goes viral with a million plays in 2020, they'll get a check for $690. That being said, if you're getting a million plays on your single you should probably book a tour. You'll easily make that in a night.

So... What Do We Do Now?

Lots of musicians are setting up monthly donation tiers with perks for for their supporters ranging from simple shout outs, discounts on merch and of course music. It's definitely challenging but we've been personally blown away by the support of our own "Roshamfam" as we call them (or Roshambros/Roshambabes? Let us know?). It's challenging moving from performing more or less the same show in a different city every night for a year or two until the next album comes out to coming up with fresh content every month. Writers block has always been stressful but now it's a lot more "in your face." However, in a small way it lets us focus on the things we promised ourselves we've never let go of: Creating. We're heavy into putting on the finishing touches on what will be our second EP for this year with plans for at least one more and a full album as well. It used to be that an artist would release one project every two or three years. Now it seems like we'll be releasing two or three per year. The pressure is a little scary but luckily we've been into things that are a little scary anyway (just watch our music videos on YouTube HERE).

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Patreon is membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription based content service. It allows creators to and artists to earn monthly income by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their subscribers or "patrons." One of our favorite artists that uses Patreon is Otis Grey. You can check out his page Sleepy on Spotify. Otis uses his ridiculously calming voice to read old books in the public domain to help you fall asleep each night. His patrons receive exclusive poetry readings every month and new subscribers' names are featured on new episodes of Sleepy. 

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