Gaudy Monstrosity

Gaudy Monstrosity!

We're excited to re-release this project! When we recorded this project we'd only known each other for a short while but had already decided to be best friends over some Mike's "Harder" Lemonades. We both agreed they were in fact "harder" despite tasting like vomit and lemon pledge. We'd both come from other bands, J from metal and Kyle from acoustic/jam. We'd both written a lot of music that didn't have a place in the worlds we came from so we decided that it was time to make our own. Kyle had a few acoustic demos he made in his apartment with a learners version of Protools and J had a library of beats and instrumental tracks with an early version of Reason.  We didn't have a sound, a look or even a plan but had just enough songs for a project. We recorded it ourselves in J's mom's attic and went to Best Buy and got jewel cases, Maxwell CDs and a paper cutter. We'd built up a small following at a local club that had given us a Thursday night residency so we planned a CD release party. We called it Gaudy Monstrosity because it was something big for us at the time but we knew we weren't accomplished song architects with fancy tools. It had feet of clay but a head of gold. After 10 years we look back, cringe and smile. We hope we can have the same sentiment for what we're doing now in 10 years. This is what the crowd heard 10 years ago in a dingy, pirate themed club that decided to give us a shot.


This release will only be available for a very short time and comes complete with "Cut N Fold" art and bonus photos and memoirs from our first year together. We'll tell you how to get your copy before it's discontinued again below.

Covid 19 & Our Tour

We've cancelled dates into mid June and are unsure when we'll be able to resume a normal tour schedule. We've been nothing short of fortunate and blessed by our amazing fans that have told us to press on and keep making music and have allowed us to so with their contributions and support. We're so glad to have you be a part of our creative process. This month we are paying homage to the people that have been with us from the beginning. We have for you this week.

New Music Coming Soon!

Last week we started recording a new full studio single inspired by our time in quarantine. The song is called, "Maybe I Don't Have To." We're putting the finishing touches on it and we can't wait for you to have it! We also started recording tracks for a new Remix EP. We had a lot of fun with our off the cuff live remix stream "808s N Chill" last month. We've always had a lot of fun imagining what our songs would sound like in other genres. It was great getting to think outside of our box. We decided to give the idea a little more production. We REALLY dig the vibe and we know you will too! We can confidently say both projects are some of our best work. We'll have more news on how both projects are coming along next week so stay tuned! If you haven't gotten a chance to watch our "808s N Chill" Stream" you still can on our Facebook page. Just click the graphic below.


Live Vlog Tonight!

We'll be back with our Live Vlog tonight on Facebook at 8pm! We'll have more to share about how we got started. Come hang out! Ask us anything! Sorry for the short notice! We got distracted! See you tonight!

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