Fall Tour Wrapped!

Fall Tour is Wrapped!
We had such an awesome final week on the road last week in Tampa FL, St Simons, GA & Summerville SC! Thanks so much for coming out and helping us complete our Fall Tour with a bang! You're energy was amazing! We felt a little run down with the last burst of the tour (Altoona, PA to Tampa, FL was a LOOOONG drive) but we fed off of your enthusiasm and encouragement. We can't thank you enough! Hearing you sing along, seeing your hands in the air and watching you get down with us was overwhelming! Special thanks to Rachel, Steve & Nancy. Y'all are incredible people! We love you!



The Van...
We thought we were in the clear after blowing a bypass hose in Virginia the week before. On the road to St Simons from Tampa we noticed the brakes felt a little funny. Then, they felt really funny. Then, the brake light came on. We pulled off at a gas station and checked our brake fluid. It was pretty low but luckily not low enough to do any major damage. We topped off and did a quick Google search for a parts store since most shops were closed for the weekend. We found an Auto Zone about a mile from where we pulled off so we decided to head that way hoping they had what we needed.

We noticed a more promising option next door.
Now.. because of what we're about to tell you we're going to leave out what town we were in, what shop we pulled into, and the name of the fan that works there.
We knew we blew a brake line so we figured it might not be an issue fixing it. Unfortunately, the line we blew was a proprietary line for the rear brakes that would need to be ordered and wouldn't be available for a day or two. We figured we'd have to cancel the show that night and hunker down until we could get it fixed until our friend floated this idea...

"We can bypass it. You'll only have front brakes but you can make it to your show."
"You're front brakes basically do 70% of the stopping so you'll be ok for the next day if you take it easy. You'll need to get it fixed ASAP." We all stared at each other for a few seconds, took a deep breath and decided to go for it. We ran over to the parts store across the street, got a vice grip and some zip ties. We tested the brakes to make sure we maintained pressure and weren't leaking fluid. "They feel tight." "No leaks!" "This is some redneck shit! lol"

We made it to the show with no issues. Fans there reassured us that, "You're front brakes basically do 80% of the stopping." That number kept going up the rest of the trip. We're not saying you should ever do this but we made it home. The van's in the shop getting A LOT of TLC. We're almost to 400k miles. We think we'll hold on to it for awhile, though. It's been good to us.

On Break!

We're very excited to be home for the Holidays and spending time with our families! We're resting up for a few weeks and recording some brand new music before we get back on the road next month for Winter Tour. We'll be back at it on January 9th! Winter tour dates have been announced and we've added a few dates (here's looking at you Baltimore and Neptune Beach)! We're hitting a lot of cities! Hopefully we're near you. We'll be taking a break from the blog until until we're back on the road. You can check out our Winter Tour Dates at www.roshambeauxmusic.com/tour-dates

Merry Christmas!
Have you heard our version of "Oh Holy Night?" It's definitely one of our favorite Christmas Carols so we were excited to be able to put out our version of it. It's available on Spotify & Itunes. Just click the icons below. We'd love to be a part of your holiday playlist this year. Check it out! See you soon, Be safe!



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