Extended Tour Cancellations, Shelter in Place & Our New Live Acoustic EP!

Spring Tour Cancelled?

When we initially cancelled 5 weeks of our Spring Tour to do our part in flattening the curve of Covid 19 we knew there was a possibility we'd have to cancel more dates in the following weeks. Last week we had to cancel an additional 3 weeks bringing us to a total of 8 weeks off the road. We're unsure but it's a possibility we may have to cancel the remaining 4 weeks we have scheduled out. It's tough. As touring musicians, 90% of our income comes from being on the road. We've experienced tides of overwhelming emotion ranging from depression to panic. However, the most intense emotions we've felt over these past few weeks have been joy and gratitude. You've had our backs through this crazy mess and we had no idea how much support we would receive from you. We've said the word "Surreal" more times than we can count these past few weeks! Y'all are amazing! Thank you for allowing us to continue to make music for you!

Shelter in Place

If you've been following our YouTube page you may have noticed we haven't posted a new episode of Van Philosophy. We also had planned last week to do another live stream but the State of Georgia issued a "Shelter in Place" mandate that forced us to postpone. We are planning on rescheduling the live stream ASAP so be sure to keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram for an announcement. We're hoping to resume our new normal online programming next week.

We've been enjoying our time "stuck" at home hanging out with our families and tending our gardens.

New Music Out Today!

Last week we shadow dropped a new single called "Neighbors." We'll let you know how you can get a copy of it in just a bit but we're excited to announce another release this week! We've been wanting to release an unplugged project for awhile and with all the positive feedback from our first "Quaranstream" we decided that now was the perfect time to release it. Our brand new Acoustic Live EP "Flat Tops & Wooden Boxes Vol. 1," is available today exclusively at roshambeauxmusic.com/donate 

We had so much fun recording it and we're excited to show you exactly how we did it! We have a ton of photos and artwork to show you that is included with the EP. There's even a printable "cut and fold" ecowallet we have for you.

Printable full size version available with album

We've Come A Long Way But We Have A Tough Road Ahead...

 As we are unsure of how long State and Regional quarantines will be in affect, we are also unsure how long we will be able to continue making music. If you enjoy what we do, please consider making a donation of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 or more. We have a brand new set of thank you packages including a secret "Quarantine Cover" that we hope you'll enjoy. Thanks so much for your support!

Mountain Bikes and Rocktronic Music!

There's a really cool mountain bike video floating around YouTube that has a song you might recognize as it's backing track. We we're so humbled by this! Check it out!


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