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This week we're working on a brand new cover requested by one of our monthly Exclusive Access supporters! In case you didn't know, we take requests every month for new songs to produce and turn into a performance video. It's been a lot of fun and it helps us to continue challenging ourselves and make new music. We've had some really crazy requests come in over the past few month's. We're excited about this next one! We'll have some sneak peaks available for everyone but you'll need to be a part of either our Exclusive Access or Patreon Fam to see the whole thing.

With that being said... If you're reading this we love you. We realize that sometimes a new subscription (even if it's supporting your favorite rocktronic duo) can be a little daunting, especially when so many major music and streaming sites offer a free trial. So, since you're here we'd like to offer a week of Exclusive Access to you for FREE. No strings. We don't need your credit card info and you don't have to watch some weird sales video. We'd just like you to check it out. If you feel like supporting us after this week go for it! It really helps!

Here's the new content from this month. We had a lot of fun with Nadia M's request.

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What's Up With Kyle...

Doesn't it seem like once we get a small reprieve from the latest disaster there's another one lurking in the shadows ready to be blasted on social media? It always seems like there's a new hashtag beckoning you to choose a side or feel guilt for not signaling your virtue, not exposing the latest conspiracy or not showing the world how "woke" you are, even though you may have no intention of applying your unwavering solidarity in a real life scenario.

With the events of last week sparking new awareness for violence against the Asian American community, I've seen a few people commenting things like, "Oh, I guess Black lives don't matter now, just Asians, lol." "I guess here's another agenda for the sheep to follow." Or even, "Am I still allowed to say ____? Is that PC? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

In central Wisconsin, grew up alongside Vietnam War asylum seekers and their kids, when the US promised them a safe place to stay after things didn't go as planned. I've seen Asian hate. It's real. It's disgusting, knowing what my new neighbors had to go through and to see the way they were treated by fellow Americans. Looking back, I realize they had more American spirit than I ever will because they literally had to fight for it.

I'm can't attest to what was going on in the individuals' hearts when creating hashtags like #blacklivesmatter or #stopasianhate . Maybe there is some grand conspiracy that I'm missing. What I can attest to,  how I choose to treat people when they tell me they're hurting. If you are kind you will never have to worry about being PC. If you say the wrong thing in kindness, someone will let you know if it hurt them. You won't view their pain as a personal attack. 

Everyday you get to choose what type of person you'll be and what kind of environment you'll help to create. I want to be in a world where pain is alleviated not exacerbated. I want to live in a world where racism is rare and stamped out when detected in its smallest forms. I want to live in a world where love is not a hashtag or a way to get Instagram famous but a practice. I want to live in the world my Asian friends were promised and the one our parents fought for. What kind of a world do want?



What's Up with J...

This week has been a strange one. Has anyone else noticed any weird vibes lately? I myself have been doing my best to steer clear. So, I've been deep on the studio working on our next monthly cover. This has to be the best one yet or at least my favorite adaptation. Really can't wait till we can share it with you. I've read all the votes in the fam and there is a clear winner. I'll start shooting the video for that very soon. Thanks to all of you that voted in the FAM. I was so happy to see all of you that contributed your ideas and just seeing how many of you had interest in me making a new cooking with J episode was very inspiring. Just a check in, I'm still on one meal a day daily meditation and daily 2 mile walks. I'm down 35lbs and couldn't be happier. It's about time I whipped my shit back into gear both health wise and spiritually. We should be shooting the video for our next cover video sometime this week. So, be on the look out. As always, to anyone who reads this....I love you very much. -J


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