Kyle Got Sick Too, How We Write Songs & Meeting Authors.

To be honest, last week was a little overwhelming.

If you checked in on the blog last week: We're sorry. Kyle finally ended up catching that damn virus that's going around and we figured since we put it script form before, here's act two.


J's Got The Flu (and now, so does Kyle)

Kyle: So... quick question.

J: What's up?

Kyle: I've had a fever all day. I feel like I want to rip out my lungs and If I stand up my entire body yells at me until I lay down.

J:.. So what's your question?

(A PAUSE that honestly wasn't THAT long but long enough to be awkward... It was probably the time it takes to read these few sentences. So like eight or nine seconds, tops? The word "Eternity is hyperbolic... but it felt that way.)

J: Kyle?

K: Sorry, I took some NyQuil. What were we talking about?

J: That you have the flu and you need to lay down for the next few days and try keep fluids in you?

Kyle: Was it this bad when you got it?"

J: Yep

(So we skipped the blog last week)

We made it to our shows though!

We started off in Clemson, SC at this bar called Loose Change. Its one of those gems that hits capacity around midnight. It's always shoulder to shoulder with people who's only goal is to get down like James Brown and the stage is floor level. The energy there is incredible! It's amazing that nothing got broken and it's weird saying that with huge smiles on our faces! It was a crazy kick start after both of us getting over the flu. If you were at that show you're a rockstar! Things were non-stop from there through Gainesville, GA and Anderson, SC the next two nights. Thanks to everyone that came out! Specifically, two people we'll tell you about in a bit. It was a little overwhelming us not quite being 100% but we think Dayquill and you're smiling faces more than made up for it!


How We Write Songs.

Some of you have been messaging us to talk about how we write songs. We can't say we have a specific method but it's usually that one of us has a basic idea of a part. Sometimes that part is a beat. Sometimes, it's just a few lyrics or a melody. We rarely bring anything to the other that's almost finished (but, it's happened a few times). Most of the time it's us joke singing to each other in the van. If one of us can get something stuck in the other's head then we usually run with it. A lot of the rest of it is written in the studio. If it has a good flow we'll just start recording parts. Some end up in the song. Some we laugh at and delete. It's always fun. As far as arranging everything and getting things to flow we just try to make sure it makes sense in our own heads. We've found out that caffeine is good for when you absolutely know for sure what you're part is and other stuff is for when you don't.


Meeting Authors

As musicians, it's really cool to meet other artists. Especially artists that make things that are totally different from what we do. To us, it's so cool when people write books. We get locked into a method of telling stories that can be absorbed in about three and a half minutes and the words barely take up a page. It's impressive talent to write a book. We're a little envious. Maybe we'll try one day. That being said we got to hang out with two authors after Friday night's show. It's so much fun getting to hear about other people's art. We haven't gotten a chance to read these yet but it was so much fun hanging out with them we have to give them a shout out.

(Click Images to View Them On Amazon)

We're getting ready to head back out on the road today after a couple of days off. We'll see you in Virginia Beach, VA, Southern Pines & Boone, NC! You can check the Tour-Dates Page for details and the rest of our winter dates. See you out there!





All Photos by Roshambeaux
Additional Photo Credits include
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Drag You Down, Nathan McCullough
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