Electrical Gremlins, Next Month's Video, Inner Engineering and A 20% Off Music Code!

Hey RoshamFAM!

Tax season is over and we celebrated J's birthday last week! While weren't able to throw a big party with lots of sweaty hugs. That's why this week all music on our website is 20% OFF! We wanted to be able to give you something and keep the celebration going this week. So, use code EVERYBODYSBIRTHDAY at checkout at roshambeauxmusic.com/shop this week and keep celebrating with us!

New Patreon Video...

We've gotten a great request for this month's music video. We're starting on putting it together this week. In case you didn't know. We produce a music video every month based on your requests and post it on Patreon, a place where we can share exclusive extra content to our FAM that supports us and encourages us to keep making fresh music every month. Don't miss out on this new one we're working on, as well as all the others we've released and sign up HERE. Here's a clip of last month's music video requested by Jeff C.


Secret Show This Week...

We've got a secret unplugged, outdoor, socially distanced show coming up this Saturday 4/24/21!
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What's Up With J...

This past week was my birthday. A big high five and thanks for all the love shared through comments and dms. You guys are the best! I usually don't do anything. But this year I decided I'd get all the guys together and have a fire. There is something that connects with us primally about sitting around a fire sharing stories with our friends. Have any of you had a community fire lately? I'm so grateful that everyone made it out. It was a great time. I've also been taking sometime to read outside this past week. Being able to take in the sun and watch nature do its thing while losing yourself in a good book is such a special thing. Lately I've been reading Inner Engineering by Sahdguru. Have any of you heard of this one? As far as creating goes I have been continuing to work on my jewelry to get a few things locked down before I post them up. We have a secret show coming up this Saturday and I plan on bringing a few pieces for sale. So if you want to be one of the first to get a look come check em out. I'll be posting pictures of everything soon. As always, to anyone who reads this...I love you very much -J



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What's Up With Kyle...

I've been having a few electrical gremlins at my house this week so it may be time to rewire a few outlets. Home repair stuff can be kind of daunting but I've always enjoyed learning about electricity. That's probably why I'm in an electronic band. It's one of those everyday miracles that we forget about. We've been talking about that a lot lately at the studio. There are lots of mind bogglingly amazing things that happen around us everyday and we can either choose to ignore them or take a moment to stop and enjoy them. I've had a few choice words aimed at a 220v outlet this week but at the same time I'm really grateful for it. Especially, after making a makeshift clothesline for drying clothes while I get this figured out. It's been sunny and I can remember the last time I was this grateful for it.

J's been showing me videos of this guy named Sahdguru. One thing that he said that really hit me is that when someone tells you to, "Just Be" you think you don't have to do anything. "To be," is a verb that requires action. It takes effort. It takes awareness. What we do with that effort and awareness shapes our time that everyday we have a little less of. "Just being" is the greatest thing you can do and really the only thing you truly can do with complete control.

This week, I'm working on arranging the song for this month's Patreon request. Usually, when we write a song, or in this case redo a song, it's my job to lay out it's bones and make preliminary recordings to get over to J to go over for adding his parts, finalizing tone and overall production. I always really liked this band and can even say they were a major influence growing up, especially concerning guitar. However, I hadn't heard this song until one of our Patrons suggested it. It reminded me that great music is hiding everywhere and doesn't always get attention. The only way for art to have a voice is if you share it with your friends. Sometimes the "B Side" is the best side and I was so so surprised I hadn't heard this song before. Do you have favorite songs like that? If you do I'd love it if you let me know. This great sunny weather has got me itching to make a new jogging playlist. Let me know what you got!


My buddy Zach from Sufferin' Moses sent me this shirt. You can check them out on Instagram at @sufferinmoses


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