3 New Songs, 21 Tour dates & 7 Stitches

Back On The Road!

We really enjoyed our time off the road and getting to spend the holidays with our friends and families. Our Fall Tour wore us out so we were grateful for the rest but we did miss you. We're overwhelmed with y'all! We hit the road last week to start out this new decade's first few show's. Thanks to everyone who came out in Charlotte, Salisbury and Southern Pines NC! The first week of a new tour can always feel a little rough when you've been on break for a few weeks but y'all made it feel easy. You're awesome! We have a few days off and we're headed to Huntsville, AL, Columbus, GA, Neptune Beach & Jacksonville Beach FL. You can check out the rest of our 21 date Winter Tour on our Tour Calendar Page HERE. We're excited to be back on the road feeling refreshed, hitting some new places and visiting some old favorites.










We put the van through Hell last tour so we gave her a pretty solid overhaul in the shop during our break: Fresh brakes, a power steering pump an array of fluid flushes, a whole new rear end later and she runs like new! Our mechanic got everything done really quickly and apparently in a rush cracked his head on the van's undercarriage and has the 7 stitches to prove it. We're glad he's ok!










We spent some good quality time in the studio over the break.
We got A LOT of tracks done for 3 new songs and we should be ready to announce another release soon! We're really excited with what we were able to lay down and we think it's our best work to date. We can't wait to share it with you! We'll have a little preview of what we've been writing at our live shows this tour so you don't have to wait for an official release.












Winter Funk and Holiday Blues in the Music Industry.
We're sorry for the puns but if you've worked in any part of the music industry you know that Winter can be frustrating, depressing and just plain old weird sometimes. Everyone's trying to balance the dichotomy of being really slow and really busy at the same time. One week it's being bombarded with emails leading into weeks of radio silence because everyone's on vacation to a hectic week catch up, cancellations due to ice storms and the cycle continues. If you don't catch the wave just right you'll be starving by Spring. We're really lucky that everything came together for this tour. It wasn't always that way. Do you get the same feeling with what you do? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below. We think we're getting back into the normal rhythm of things. We hope you are too!

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