Updates, Upgrades & New Music!

We've been taking a break from our Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast but we wanted to give you a quick update on what we've been up to and what's coming up behind the scenes with Roshambeaux. We're really excited!


We've been trying focus on ways we can create better content. Since we've had to take a break from touring this year due to Covid 19 restrictions we've pretty much been relying on our online content to keep us going. Neither of us were super savvy with the online content before the pandemic but it's been exciting to learn new ways of reaching people even though we can't be on a physical tour right now. We're SO grateful for our supporters on Patreon that are helping us continue and make improvements along the way! 

We'll be taking at least one more week off from Van Philosophy Live Vlogcast so we can wrap our brains around a few new pieces of tech for the main studio but we plan to return to normal streaming after Labor Day. J's been diving in head first into research and we're really excited to show you a few new things! We think it's gonna be awesome!

On top of a few upgrades to the main studio, Kyle's gotten a tune up to his home office as well so we're able to share ideas ahead of our studio days. So far, it's been a great blessing and has helped boost our turn around and prep for production on the new music we've been working on. Kyle's notoriously shy in the studio and be able to stay in recording mode at home has made studio days a lot easier.


Van Philosophy: Return To Facebook

We experimented with moving the last two Episodes of Van Philosophy  Live Vlogcast over to Youtube. Our plan now is to keep each episode on YouTube after they air but we'll record it live on Facebook. We won't be airing a new episode this week but you can watch previous episodes on Facebook (E1-13) and YouTube (E14-15).

New Music!

We've been getting asked when we'll release another full length album and we're excited to announce that we've been working on the next one! We have several songs finished and are working on a few more. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list HERE so you can stay up to date on it's progress and of course, find us on your favorite social media site as well.

This year we've released two EPs. You can check out both of them below if you haven't gotten a chance.


In addition to new music, we're focusing on making some new types of video content as well. Right now, as a perk for our "High Fiver" supporters ($5/month) on Patreon, we're doing exclusive monthly performance videos. Each month, our patrons make suggestions on what we should do next. It's been really fun to step outside of our comfort zones with the suggestions that have come in. Last month's video was a reimagining of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold." We were super intimidated on making an attempt to cover such an iconic rock song but we think it turned out great! So, if you've been enjoying what we do and would like to see more, hop on over to Patreon and sign up. There are tons of other behind the scenes content and music as well.


Special Thanks To Our Patrons!

Steve B, Renne T, Spencer R, Nancy T & Rachel E on Patreon
And Jeff C & Grass Cutters for there monthly PayPal direct support!

We truly couldn't do this without you!

New Merch!

Last month we partnered with Store Frontier to help us keep our merch in stock. They do such an awesome job managing everything from orders, to shipping and customer service! We're really excited to be partnered with them! We have returns of some old classics and even a few brand new designs available right now. Be sure to check the store because we have a few new items we'll be releasing in the next few months!


By The Way...

If you're reading this we love you! You're why we're able to continue making music. See you soon!

Kyle & J



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    Thanks Jackson!

    Thanks Jackson!

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