Merry Christmas!

Hey RoshamFAM!

We hope y'all have a very merry and safe Christmas this week! This year has been a wild and sometimes scary ride but we're were glad to share it with you! We'll be taking a short break from media over the next week and spending time with our families. We hope y'all are able to do the same. If you're still looking for gift ideas, we have some cool new Holiday apparel at and a new Christmas single at


This Week!

This week we're practicing up and shooting the next Patreon exclusive performance video. We're excited about this one! It will definitely be different for us but we think the vibe suits how we've been feeling. If you've been thinking about joining Patreon but just haven't yet (or just haven't quite figured out how to join) you can sign up below. There are tons of videos and exclusive content available immediately when you sign up and more and more comes out every month.

What's Up With Kyle...

This week Jupiter and Saturn had what's known as a conjunction, where they appear as one star in the night sky. My friend Adam is really into astronomy. Every time we hang out I always learn something. Monday night just after sunset we got to see what the conjunction looked like through a set of pretty awesome telescopes. I could actually make out the rings on Saturn and could make out about 4 moons as well! The second pic is our friend Daniel's telescope. That thing is a hoss!

I have a Russian Blue cat named Gracie that lately has been "helping" me work, lol (she's actually bumping my arm while I'm writing this). I don't know if it's help or just a distraction but I've been enjoying her company. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places. It's great how the universe works out like that. I'm super grateful for all the help I've had this year. Even the help that seems like a distraction at the time.

What's Up With J...

This week I've been working on mixes for the new record, brainstorming on new video projects, and preparing the production for this months Patreon cover video. I'm really excited to get started on our next big project. I've also been trying to get ready for Christmas. It really doesn't feel like it usually does this year. the one thing that is the same is I'm still behind on With the holidays meaning lots of time spent with friends and family, there is a lot more planning involved to make sure we can be safe while doing so. My family was hit hard this year with Covid-19. Most have recovered but some are still having hard times in the hospital. I myself was not directly exposed but, for obvious reasons, had to spend the past few weeks away from them and have truly missed them and can't wait to see them. But I am reminded of all the gratitude that the ones that are still with us are with us and to not forget to work through any and all differences we may have while we still can and to remind and say how we feel to each other even if it may not be pretty. Family and love are so important. There is so much we can learn from one another. We must hold on to these things and make them priority. Life is a garden.... I want to personally wish you guys happy holidays and I truly appreciate all your continued support. Much love -J


Special Thanks!

We are so grateful for our supporters on Patreon! Being independent artists, as you can imagine, isn't always the most lucrative job but it's so rewarding to have the opportunity to brighten people's day, encourage and provoke thought through music. We couldn't do it without the generous contributions of our supporters. So, we know it's awkward to ask but if you enjoy what we do and find some value in it, consider donating even just $1 a month on Patreon. It goes a really long way and you'll be able to have a backstage pass and become part of the creation process along with us.

Special thanks to our patrons: Nancy B, Steve B, Renee T, Rachel E & Nadia M! As well as our non Patreon monthly donor Jeff C! Y'all are awesome!


Merry Christmas!

We hope y'all are safe! We heard a good tip about dealing with extended family during the holidays: Never have serious conversations at the table, have them while you're doing something (preparing food, splitting wood for the fire, decorating etc). There's a very specific psychology behind it but it actually works. The second thing that we've heard that we think applies to every day not just this time of year is: You're not taking a risk by being kind. It's easy to forget but being kind is free, improves every situation and makes you strong. We love y'all!

Kyle & J


  • Missy Tanner
    Missy Tanner Athens, GA
    Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year to you guys and your families!

    Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year to you guys and your families!

  • RoshambeauX
    Merry Christmas Missy! Hope it was great! Happy New Year! Kyle & J

    Merry Christmas Missy! Hope it was great! Happy New Year!
    Kyle & J

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