Happy New Year!

Hey Roshamfam!

This is the time of year where we're looking for those sweet end of year sales so we figured we'd do one of our own. Right now until January 1st you can get 30% off on all of our music posters & stickers on our music store at www.roshambeauxmusic.com/shop 

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New Performance Video Out Now!

This week we're releasing our latest performance video on Patreon. We had a lot of fun producing this performance and we're excited to get to show it to you! Right now, this performance (as well as all of the others from this year) is only available to our Patreon subscribers so if you're not subscribed yet you can join the rest of the fam at www.patreon.com/roshambeaux

There's a ton of performances to unlock instantly, as well as bonus behind the scenes content, sneak peaks on projects (yes, you get to hear some stuff off the new album we're working on) and dibs on new merch. It really helps us out a lot, especially since we're still not able to launch a tour. So, for less than the price of the door cover you can help us keep making music for you. It means a lot!


What's Up With J...


This year I got a tarot deck for Yule. It's an Edgar Allan Poe inspired set. He is one of my favorite writers of all time. I have been doing daily reads with them. It has been a great tool for self reflection as I begin my day. This has also inspired me to go back and reconnect with his stories and tales. He has always been an inspiration of mine. I am excited to rekindle this forgotten love. Besides that, I've continued to work on the upcoming record. Now that most things are wrapped for the year, I've started brainstorming and planning next year's projects. Also, this week I finally finished up editing and putting together this months cover video of the song, "Raining In Baltimore" by Counting Crows. It's available now on our Patreon page. I was skeptical at first if we were gonna be able to bring new life to this one at first. But once I really sat down with it and Kyle showed me a prelim of just him and an acoustic guitar it really connected with me. I've been spending a lot of time lately working through some feelings and emotions about this year and working on this song really helped sort some things out. Some of the lines and sentiments really hit home. I truly hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and have a fun and safe New Years Eve. We can't wait to see what this next year has in store.



What's Up With Kyle...

I'm really excited with how this month's Patreon performance turned out! The song that we ended up doing I hadn't heard before but when I listened to it it really hit me hard. I'm so glad music can do that. A lot of times I brush stuff off and purposefully try to stay out of touch with what I'm feeling. As a musician, life is cycle of peaks and valleys that can cause emotional motion sickness. A lot of times my default response is to close my eyes. I've learned that just like going through curvy mountain road and feeling nauseous, closing your eyes makes it worse. I think it's ok to open your eyes and enjoy the ups and downs, like when we were kids on roller coasters.

With the new album getting closer to completion, this week I'm focusing on some writing. I love weeks like this. There's a lot of being a musician that isn't creating new music. When the time comes it's refreshing. I think that's what this year has taught me the most. Slow down and create. All that other stuff that causes headaches can come later.



Special Thanks!

We say this every week but it never gets old (at least to us, lol). If you're supporting us on Patreon you are absolutely amazing! We try not to be hyperbolic but we actually are "filled with surprise and wonder" and are "startlingly impressed" that you continue to support us each month! We're trying to constantly give a little more in our efforts every month. So if you've been sitting on the fence let us know what we can do to make your subscription more valuable to you in the comments below.

Thanks to: Nancy B, Steve B, Renee T, Rachel E and Nadia M! and our non Patreon monthly donor Jeff C! Y'all are the reason we haven't given up this year! 


Happy New Year!

We hope ya'll have a safe and happy New Year! We heard something that made us laugh. "If you thought this year was bad, wait until it turns 21 and starts drinking!" We don't have a pessimistic view about next year. We hope you don't either. We all have that friend that makes NYE resolutions saying, "This next year will be my year," and does absolutely nothing about it. Don't worry about next year. Just worry about today. Make today your day and the year will worry about itself.

Kyle & J



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