J's New Handmade Jewelry & Fun With Kyle's Background Vocals

Hey RoshamFAM!

We announced these new merch items a few weeks ago but we're excited to have them available today! Each item is handmade by J and are one of a kind. So don't be shy about picking one up! You'll have the only one!


Hidden Treasure

Made from black striped agate with antique metal accents this locket style pendant necklace is designed for the wearer to express and realize intention. The orb style pendant features an openable vessel to hold an intention note or essential oil diffuser. Black agate has been said to encourage independence, self support and exertion of one's capabilities thoroughly. This necklace is handmade with a high quality black bamboo cord and antique toggle clasp.


The Mala

The Mala is made from the seeds of the Rudraksha Tree, known as "The Tears of Shiva," thought to be the original Tree of Life and worn by monks, yogis and spiritual seekers for over 3,000 years. Similar to the Rosary, Malas are used for repetitive prayer, meditation or reciting mantras, traditionally, 108 times for the 108 seeds adorning this necklace. This Mala has been meticulously crafted with fine silk cord and a hand made 100% cotton tassel. The Guru, or teacher bead that crowns the tassel is silver plated. Rudraksha seeds are said to bring peace, wisdom and relief from insomnia.


The Terra

The Terra takes its name from Latin meaning, "Earth," and features Malachite and lava stone. Aptly named for the benefits of grounding, Malachite is said to protect the wearer from radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Additionally, lava stone is often called a "Grounding Stone," helping the wearer ground to the earth below physically, mentally and spiritually. The Terra features a black hemp cord and gun metal toggle clasp.


The Caeli

The Caeli features a black hemp cord, gun metal toggle clasp, lava stone and the crystal stone, Howlite. Like the air that surrounds the earth, Howlite is said to bring the wearer a sense of stillness, open mindedness and clarity, particularly for those who struggle with communication. Howlite was discovered in the late 19th century in Nova Scotia by scientist Henry How that brought the crystal to the forefront of geological study. Pure white Howlite is said to reduce stress and bring clarity. The Caeli derives it's name from Latin, simply meaning "Air."



The Ignis

Ignis means fire, as seen from modern English words like ignite, ignition and igneous. Made from red dyed Howlite and lava stone, red Howlite is known as an "Attunement Stone," helping the wearer make emotional connection to their environment similar to a warrior seeking understanding of the coming battle. Like fire, red Howlite is said to give the wearer energy, fuel one's natural survival instincts and foster healthy use of anger to destroy what must be destroyed and protect what must be preserved.


The Aqua

The Aqua is made from hemp cord, turquoise, lava stone and features and antique toggle clasp. Like calm waters, turquoise is associated with tranquility, enduring love and deep wisdom. Turquoise can be referred to as a scholar stone and is said to bring hope,  good fortune and a thirst for knowledge for those who are searching for wisdom. The Aqua aptly takes its name from Latin, meaning, "Water."


The Mortem Mortalitas

"Death and Mortality," The Mortem Mortalitas is made from lava stone and the dust of dead stones. Reconstituted into skulls The Mortem Mortalitas serves as a reminder of the wearers mortality for those that understand the urgency of living a meaningful life. "For dust you are and to dust you shall return." This somber bracelet is made with high quality black hemp cord and features a gunmetal toggle clasp.


The Lover

This beautiful necklace is made from Howlite, pure white bamboo cord, a silver plated toggle clasp and features a rose quartz pendant. Used by the ancient Egyptians in burial, masks fashioned from rose quartz were believed to slow decay, preserve youthfulness in the afterlife and provide a link, so their lover would always be with them. Today, rose quartz is used to symbolize love, self love, the healing that only comes from love and is said to restore trust and harmony between lovers. Rose quartz turns pink when it absorbs titanium at formation, a wonderful metaphor for the strength and power of love.


Secret Show...

Our Secret Show just for our RoshamFAM was rained out last week but we've rescheduled. It will be next month, outdoors and socially distanced. You can get the details on when and where, by either joining our mailing list or by joining our private Facebook Group RoshamFAM.


What's Up With Kyle...

When I was a kid my mom would always wake me up singing. I don't think I had an alarm clock until I was an adult (or at least a late teenager) and my dad and I would always sing together at night writing parodies of classic rock songs. A lot of people ask me what inspired me to get into the music industry. While there are several more famous people that more than likely had a hand in it as well, it's really because of my parents. One that encouraged me to start my day with music and the other that encouraged me to end it with writing.

If you ever sing with another person randomly you know you're taking a big chance by ruining the moment by adding harmony without letting the person know. It can be awkward and throw the other person off if you're not careful. I remember the first time my mom did that with me. It felt like the first time you ride a bike without training wheels. You think you got it but you also feel like you're losing control. She said, "You know how the song goes. Concentrate. Pay attention to what YOU'RE doing." After that initial uneasiness, which was a few years if I'm being honest, I fell in love with creating harmonies and how those harmonies made me feel. It locks you in with something outside of yourself while at the same time forcing you to focus on what's within yourself. I've come to find that this principle of harmony exists outside of music. Living in harmony with others has to be created. It's awkward, scary and even embarrassing at first; Most people aren't ready for it but it's worth it.

I've been woking a lot on harmonies with background vocals this week. I finished up my part arrangements for the next cover we're doing for our Patreon supporters but I also got a call from a friend of mine who needed a sub for his background vocalist and acoustic guitarist. It was great to be able to sit in and support. It had been a really long time since I got to play that part but it really was just like riding a bike in every sense of the expression. I hope you get a chance to focus on creating harmony this week even if it has nothing to do with music. "You know how the song goes."



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What's Up With J...

This week I've been finishing up on preparing our next cover video. I'm super pumped on how this one is turning out. We are scheduled to shoot it this week and I can't wait for you to see/hear it. Also, big news...I've finally finished my first collection of handmade jewelry! Kyle has been working his butt off getting everything set up on the store and it's looking sharp. These are all one of a kind pieces. I really hope you guys can find something that speaks to you, as I've made each piece with a certain intention. This project has really helped me have another outlet to create and flow. It has made it easier to learn to truly enjoy the process. Sitting for hours perfecting certain techniques, selecting stones for certain purposes, tying knot after knot, etc. But in all this, I made these for you. I am grateful for the meditative nature of creation that I experience while making them. But most of all I am grateful I'm finally able to share that same energy with you. And as always....to anyone who reads this....I love you very much and am so grateful for you.



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