Van Philosophy Is One Year Old! A look back at a few of our favorite articles.




Time flies!

We started the Van Philosophy blog to satisfy our own curiosities about the world and to hopefully let a few people in to what's it like to be a modern musician touring on the road and now under quarantine restrictions. Since we've started we've had 50 articles. Here's a look back on some of our favorite entries from the last year.

#1 Long Trips, Broken Gear, FCC violations, Canceled Shows & Dan Akroyd's Vodka 

Neither of us are superstitious but the next Friday the 13th with a full moon in 2049 we might take the night off. 

We hit the road on Friday the 13th around 10 am from Atlanta to make our scheduled 6 pm load in Louisville, KY after finding out the venue had been double booked. Luckily this venue had another location across town so we still had a show (the show in Indianapolis the following night had been canceled weeks prior). We figured we had plenty of time... READ FULL ARTICLE

#10 Dealing With Death, Dealing With Life & Writing About It.

Kyle's Grandfather passed away last week so we've taken a little time off. The tour resumes this Friday and you can check out dates here: Here's Kyle's unedited thoughts: 

"No one deals with death the same way so it's hard to figure out the right way to do it. There's thousands of philosophies on what happens when we die but the only thing I know for sure is that you leave and people miss you. It's hard losing someone but I feel like I've lost a part of myself. I feel like I should know myself better and where I came from and now I can't. My grandfather was a great man.  A man who broke laws because he knew they were immoral. It's because of people like him I can drink from whatever water fountain I want and stay overnight in the next county over.  I'm a little... READ FULL ARTICLE


#13 Our Collection of Gibson Guitars & One of The Best Places to Buy Vinyl in Georgia!

We're total Gibson guitar nerds. They're the only guitars we record with and when he caught us eyeing the book he said we could have it. We laid down a few guitar tracks last week so it was cool to get to learn a little history on the guitars we have in the studio. A lot of you have been asking us what guitars we use when we record so here they are. 1958 Gibson 225 T... READ FULL ARTICLE

#21 Snowstorms, When Fans Choose Venues & 8 Things We Learned From The Bhagavad Gita.

This last week to stay awake we've been streaming readings from The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient but strangely practical guide to life according to Hindu theology. Neither of us are very religious and we hadn't been familiar with it. We were very surprised at how hard it hit us. Frankly, there were things we needed to hear, especially as musicians. We're excited to continue studying it. We are by no means, whatsoever, even suggesting that we are experts on any subject written in this book but here are a 8 things that we took from it so far... READ FULL ARTICLE

#39 8 Reasons Why Scientists Say You Should Start "Earthing"

We've all been cooped up for awhile now and while we know it certainly can have negative effects on the brain it can on the body as well. When you stay inside too much you start to feel "off." We always knew this in the back of our minds but over the past few months, being encouraged (and in some cases mandated) to stay at home, it's been way too easy to stay indoors. We figured the reason we feel like crap if we stay inside for too long was due to a lack of Vitamin D. While that may be the case, we found a collection of studies that suggest something else entirely. 

We have a Facebook group called RoshamFAM that's an open forum for ideas, art & projects (since we're always pushing ours). One of our fam shared these studies with us on from The Journal of Environmental and Public Health. Shout out to Cheryl. READ FULL ARTICLE


#43 Self Sufficiency: How To Make Soap & Laundry Detergent

Through the continued affects of pandemic life, we've found it really important to find ways to cut cost of living but still maintain a sense of normalcy. As musicians, we knew when we quit our "normal jobs," 10 years ago, we more than likely would have to find ways to make a lower income work for our lives and ensure our survival while we pursued our passion. Back then, we were able to make that decision and prepare our minds for that inevitability but we know a lot of people have been thrown into it with little or no choice because of Covid-19. Through these current trials we're reminded of what it's like to be a "starving artist" again. We imagine a lot of people outside of the entertainment industry do too... READ FULL ARTICLE

Van Philosophy Vlogcast Episode 19

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