So When's That New Album Coming Out?

Hey RoshamFAM!

We'll be taking a hiatus from our weekly podcast, "Van Philosophy- Live Vlogcast" for the remainder of 2020 so we can prepare for a few bigger projects we're working on. You'll still be able to watch previous episodes on our YouTube channel. We're planning on releasing lots of content for the remainder of the year. We have a few surprises planned. If you don't want to miss any of it be sure to sign our mailing list. We won't ever spam you. We'll just let you know when something cool comes up. We'll keep this blog running so we can check in with each other as well as keep you up to date with what we're working on. Here's what we're up to this week.

New Album!

We're pumped to announce that we've been working on a new full length rock album this year. We don't have an official release date but we're hoping for Spring/Summer 2021. We're planning on the album coinciding with a tour in whatever capacity next year allows. This week, J is heavy into finalizing some mixes for the new album and Kyle is finishing up some vocal and guitar tracks. This is the first time in our career we're actually ahead of schedule with an album release!

New Merch!

Imagine it's a cold night, you've made a bonfire, you're planning on having a few cold ones (or hot ones).... wouldn't a koozie make your night SO much better?  

Get yours at:

New Music Video

We're laying down a few concepts for a new music video that will be a never before heard preview of the the new album and it requires some sandbags. We're super pumped. As always, our patrons on Patreon will get a sneak peak so if you're subscribed to our Patreon, will have the audio track for you this month.


Speaking of Patreon...

We've decided on this month's secret cover based on votes from our High Fivers on Patreon. We've finished all the pre-poduction and planning on shooting the live video this week! If you'd like to join the community you can at It REALLY helps us continue to make make music.

What's up with Kyle...

I woke up in weird foggy mess today. It was one of those, "I'm bummed out because I'm so bummed out," kind of mornings. I have all these cool things to work on today. We're making really good progress on the new album and I'm really excited for this month's Patreon project but I just couldn't get my brain in the right space. 

It's really funny but I saw an ad on my feed for a certain (not to be named) Vapor Rub treatment claiming it helps with depression/anxiety/brain fog. I kind of laughed thinking it was absurd but it reminded me that our brains work off of our senses, are easily distracted and best focus on one thing at a time. 

It doesn't matter what you're thinking about: If you walk into your house or apartment and smell dog s#!t you'll stop thinking about it. We're meant to run off of what's directly in front of us. 

It's a cold day so I got bundled up and went for a good long jog. About a mile in I forgot what I was so "meh" about. I think a good way to let go of psychological or emotional burdens is to pick up a physical one. 

Find a way to drop things and swap them out for an easily definable physical challenge. It's hard to find time, especially when you have responsibilities, obligations, grumpy bosses etc, but you'll be able to better deal with all those things with a clear head. I'm finding out that mental health and physical health are a lot more related than I thought. Being a human is complicated but at the same time it's not. 


What's up with J...

Some days all I wish for is a good night's sleep. It can be hard to admit when things have gotten to a point where you need to seek out help. Sleep Apnea effects so many of us and many of us don't seek treatment thinking it's something else. It can make problems you already have (anxiety, depression, stress, sore muscles, fatigue, etc) compound. It can seem like you are just broken. For those of you like myself that hate going to the doctor....don't put this off like I have for so long. Call your doctor and get it checked out. Much love!


For Whomever Needs To Hear This...

Special Thanks To Our Patrons!

Steve B, Nancy B, Renee T, Rachel E & Nadia M! We truly couldn't keep making music without you!

Kyle & J



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