New Music Video Well on It's Way & Our Cover of House of The Rising Sun!

Hey Roshamfam!

We're excited to say that our shoot for our brand new (as in unreleased) song called, "Criminal," went really well! If you've seen us live you know we tend to shy away from politics as we want to create an environment where we can be together, rock out, laugh, cry, chill and not worry about the world at least while we're together. That being said, as artists it's hard not to express the way we feel about the world around us. We hope when you hear this song and share it with your friends we'll be able to find commonality through our frustrations dealing with issues all of us have to face.

The shoot went really well! It was probably one of the first times we've asked, "Hey, what time is it?' and were surprised that when we checked the time, it was earlier than we thought. Shooting outside can offer an overwhelming amount of contingencies so we were really excited that we were able to stay on track without too many hiccups. 

Thanks to our friends on Patreon we were able to get the lighting that we needed for this shoot. We wanted to shoot this at night and without good natural light, the picture can come out grainy even with a really great camera. We're so grateful! Thanks so much for helping make this idea a reality!


The afternoon before the shoot, J worked on setting up the tech with the help of our key grip Harper. Kyle worked on staging and fire control. We had specific ideas for how we wanted the set to look so it took piecing a few things together.

We finished setting up right on schedule and began shooting right at dark. We had a few shots planned out but we wanted to leave room for "The Night Muse." That's what we call it when we get new ideas late at night. Some of the ideas didn't quite turn out but we got some really great organic, off the cuff shots with a few alternate angles and perspectives.

House of The Rising Sun

This week we released a cover of The Animals "House of The Rising Sun," requested by our friends on Patreon. Each month we release a live performance cover video as a thank you to everyone that continues to support us. We're really excited with how this one turned out! You can unlock the full video at

If you enjoy what we do and find even a little value in it please consider becoming a supporter on our Patreon page. Your contributions ensure that we're able to continue making music on and off the road.


What's Up With Kyle...

I completed the 75 Hard Challenge a few weeks ago and I don't think Thanksgiving ruined my progress too much, lol! I've been procrastinating posting up my final progress photos because I've always struggled with my weight. My goal was to hopefully look like the "before guy" in those Hydroxycut commercials and I think I may have accomplished it.

What's Up With J...

I've been enjoying diving in and learning about film editing. I've always been interested in sound ever since my brother and I would take my mom's old cassette tapes and dub them pretending to be radio DJ as kids. Film is an entirely different world but I'm excited to have that kid feeling with a new art form. This week I've been focusing on this new music video and learning the science on what makes piecing different shots together feel natural but maintain excitement. I can't wait for y'all to see this!

This week, while I'm working on the new music video, I'm also storyboarding an idea for a quick video for an original Christmas song we wrote a few Christmases ago but haven't had the time to do anything with it. It's a little hokey but I think we all need a little hokiness every once in awhile, especially around the holidays.

Special Thanks To Our Patrons!

We know we sound like a broken record (or a skipping CD) but we can't thank our Patrons on Patreon enough! We've seen so many bands and music venues have to call it quits this year. Thank you so much for allowing us to continue!

Nancy B, Steve B, Rachel E, Nadia M & Renee T

We truly couldn't do this without you!


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