Acoustic shows, finalizing mixes for new album & pockets of joy.

Hey RoshamFAM!

We played our first show since the pandemic hit last Friday! We can't wait to add more. We're aiming to add outdoor, socially distant shows this year as long as we can route and perform them safely. It feels like we're finally starting to come out of the tunnel, although we know it will still be a little while until things feels normal again.

Because shows this year will most likely be still be limited capacity we'll be announcing them exclusively to our Mailing List and our Facebook Group RoshamFAM. So make sure you've joined as least one of those so you can stay up to date on show announcements (as well as other announcements like new music videos, albums and merch)!


What's Up With Kyle...

It was really great to play a show last week! Being unplugged, it reminded me of when I first started playing music in front of people. It was definitely a rebirth. Thanks to everyone in the RoshamFAM that came out. I'm hoping we can add more. The venue did a REALLY awesome job taking precautions, and honestly, I think it's how shows should be ran even without a pandemic.

I had my first understudy role last week, lol. I was invited to sing, filling in for another artist at the annual Peace Pole Dedication in Northeast GA put on by Nuclear Watch South. The event honors local activists, the U.N. Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. This year the event coincided with the 10th anniversary of the ongoing radiological disaster at Fukishima, Japan. It was really great to be around people that want to celebrate peace and fight for practical ways to encourage the use of clean energy.

Besides music, I was able to get away and do a little kayaking. Through the pandemic I've been able to pick up a new appreciation for just being out in the fresh air. There's been a lot of negative things about the last year but I'm grateful to find little pockets of joy. J reminded me last week that joy is a choice and doesn't have anything to do with what's going on outside of yourself. I hope you're able to make time for joy this week. It's worth it. We die and stuff.

What I'm Listening To: Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash


What's Up With J...

This past week we played our first show back. It was a pleasant experience being able to jam some of our new songs acoustically. Honestly can't wait till we can do a full show with them. A big thanks to everyone who came out and hung out with us. I know a few of you traveled to do so and that means so much to me. We are already trying to get more of these outdoor socially distanced kind of things lined up soon. I finally got that new lens Ive been talking about, the cannon 24mm prime. Been running some tests with it and can't wait to shoot the next cover video with it. I know for the past couple of weeks I've mentioned doing another cooking with J video....but honestly haven't been able to decide which one to do next. So, I figure I'll put it to a vote in the RoshamFAM group. Hop on over there and vote on which dish or side you'd like to see me do. On a side note, I've been working to finalize the mixes for this new record. I'm over half way complete. It's really starting to come together. I had Kyle over this past Monday to get his opinion of the work I've been doing and it seems all is a go. We are both excited to get this finished and out to you guys. So keep on the look out and as always to anyone who reads this...I love you very much. 


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