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Kyle Iconic- Vocals, Guitars & Keys
J Chastain- Drums, Synths, Machines

RoshambeauX: /rō/SHam/bō/ 

a rocktronic duo from Georgia

We started making music together in the summer of 2010. We'd both been in bands before and understood how things usually go but this time we wanted to make music we were passionate about where we could put all of ourselves into the music. Growing up at opposite ends of the country and coming from different musical backgrounds that ranged from gospel, metal, soul, industrial, funk and sad kid in the corner punk, we weren't entirely sure what genre we were creating at the time. It took time, rehearsing in J's garage, changing guitar tones, adding and removing different instruments and band members to find our sound and the methods to achieve it in the studio and replicate it live. 

Over the years we've been told our sound is funk, southern rock, EDM, pop, techno and blues. It's Black Crowes, Skrillex, Audioslave, 21 Pilots, Phil Collins and Lana Del Rey. It's dark but up lifting. It's heavy but serene. Musically, we're the sum of our influences, listening to our parents music in the backseat on the way to grocery store, figuring out what to keep and how to rebel.

It's been almost eleven years making music together. Whether it's touring from Altoona to Tampa (sometimes in one week) or navigating a global pandemic by making exclusive music on Patreon, we still don't know the best way to describe our music without showing you. We've been calling it "rocktronic" but you might have a different word for it. We think that's cool. Music should inspire you to come up with your own ideas. We like to take every opportunity we can to remind you that one day you'll die. Not just because we've lost a lot of people we love during our time together but so that right now, in this moment, we can live. We die... and stuff.



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